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About This Character

Example lines said by Elizabeth:
  • *Be as crazy and hyper as possible. She enters... and saves... just... yeah.* Hi~!! Oh, Ciel~!! You're just so cute~!!
  • Mm? Oh. Nice to meet you. *Realization* Wait. YOU HIT ME WITH A FRYING PAN?! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!
  • Well, uh... what did you do, to make Minako angry, like that?
  • Oh, Ciel! Guess who's here! Me! Your cousin AND soon to be wife!
  • Doesn't this dress just look divine on me!
  • I am the cutest little girl everrrrr~! lyke omg... I mean... OMT~!!
  • Sing a verse of All I Want For Christmas Is You.
  • Sing a verse of Let It Snow.
  • (Make your own Christmas line.)
  • How many times do I have to tell you? Call me Lizzy.
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