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About This Character

Example lines said by Edge:
  • You think our rage...a weakness? Then let me show you how wrong you are!
  • Forgiveness!? It's your fault the Giant appeared in the first place!
  • Rubicante! For this...For this you will pay!
  • We meet at last. I've been looking forward to this, Rubicante! I'm Prince Edge of Eblan! Then let me help you remember! [Edge falls.] Damn...you! [Rubicante disappears.] Come...back here!
  • I lost, and he got away. Of course I'm not all right! Rubicante's mine! You stay out of this! I'm going to put an end to him with...with my own hands!
  • Heh...Don't mistake me for some pampered prince. The Eblanese royal family is heir to the secrets of the ninja masters of old. I don't need help from lesser men! H-hey, I didn't...I mean... ...It doesn't look like I have much choice. I can't leave a pretty girl crying. Let's do this together, then - just this once
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