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About This Character

Example lines said by Dr. Franken Stein:
  • What are you?
  • I thought the madness had left me...but it hasn't!
  • (Disinterested, then creepy) Hmm... Not much around the chest, but that will help me get to her ribs. Yum...
  • (Pervy) Such smooth skin. I simply /must/ figure out your skin's chemical compound. It's... perfect!
  • (Pervy/Excited) Wow... I'd like to cut into that. Mmm...
  • I have a simpler motive. Experimentation and observation that's all a true scientist cares about. And I am a scientist. Everything in the world is an experimental test subject, of course that includes myself as well. (informative)
  • Witch Hunter! (attacking)
  • This is fear... That's good, then, I had forgotten what it felt like. (thinking, reflecting)
  • I will dissect you.
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