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About This Character

Example lines said by Corina Bucksworth:
  • *gently* Miki, you ran off again? *to Ichigo* Can you please forgive him? *hands her a hanker chief* Here, you can wipe your face with this. *sound like a stuffy rich girl* It's silk. You DO know what silk is right? You can keep it if you like. I have more.
  • *crying and desperate* No! I only looked up to you! How can you leave us?! How can you leave me?!
  • *transformation* Mew Mew Mint! METAMORPHOOOSIS!!!
    *attack* Ribbon Mint Echo!!!
  • *Referring to her dog* Miki, you ran off again?
  • Hold on... Stop that now! Coming into people's houses and running about here and there. You should excuse yourself and leave! Miki, you shouldn't go near that vulgar girl.
  • Mew Mew Corina! Metamorphosis!!
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