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About This Character

Example lines said by Claude Faustus:
  • Shut up... For the love of all that is... SHUT UP!
  • Sebastian... I knew that voice anywhere.
  • Ciel shall be mine! Err... I mean, shall be the Highness's...
  • Yes, Your Highness
  • (bored) So, this Luca boy was in the habit of calling the master, Your Highness, was he? How very fascinating.
  • (monotone) I'll say it again. I killed you to gain Ciel Phantomhive
  • Everything looks accurate. He commented, smirking at the happy expression on the student's face. So, I guess that means I owe you a reward. Claude cooed, taking a step forward and reaching out for Alois's hand, pulling him closer
  • Yes, the human juice box is still alive. Happy, now?
  • I can't believe He picked you. I'm older and stronger than you, Michaelis. I could tear you apart without exerting any effort at all and still you are His General.
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