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About This Character

Example lines said by Ciel Phantomhive:
  • (sing a part of Black and White or Checkmate)
  • Curses in the world are beyond countless... In the middle of so many consciousnesses, only this black-dyed desire shall be strongly noticeable, to curse those who have humiliated me.
  • Are you, a mere butler, trying to start a discussion with your master?
  • *Gives a loud sigh into-* Well. Would you like to play a board game?
  • I will get Sebastian to make some tea, for you. Sebastian!
  • Neither am I. You scared the lights out of me, you know.
  • I am Ciel Phantomhive, son of Vincent. And I am the Head of the House now.
  • (laughs) What an unattractive scream. He sounds almost like a pig taken off to slaughter. Hmph .What presumption.
  • (monotone yet teasingly) Oh, I think they'll be alright, but you had better hope your lapdogs know how to fetch.
  • Just f*cking do it, already! You will call me My Sexy-As-F*ck Robin Lord and I will call you Sebastian, lets be done with all this sh*t already, we need to have the opening credits all f*cking ready!
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