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About This Character

Example lines said by Captain Boomerang:
  • That's the thing about our work, It always comes back to haunt you.
  • It's not a bloody children's toy. It's a refined and elegant weapon which, in the hands of a master like yours truly, can lop yer bloody head off!
  • I'm out
  • Fresh air and term off my sentence? Feel free to keep calling me up, love.
  • I told you Harley, if you're giving it out, heave a chunk my way, ay?
  • [STEPS ON DEAD RAT] Gah! This is flippin bonkers! Sloshing through sewage so a guy dressed like a bat won't spot us.
  • Come on now, 'Stroke. How hard can one little clown be?
  • (After Dodging a Hammer Swing) OY! Are you mental, Quinn?!
  • Oh, great. The little Leaguers. Can we kill 'em and get it over with?
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