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About This Character

Example lines said by Black Star:
  • Don't call me Blackstar! That's my slave name -- don't oppress me.
  • Yo. I don't wanna sound like no Homophobe -- but I wanna punch that F****T in the face.
  • Yeah!! Oddfuture Wolfgang muthatrucka, YAAHOO!!
  • I am balck*star, bow before your god! Ha-ha!
  • (Angry) I only have problems because of you! I could have saved Sid if you hadn't hold me back!
  • ....how could I lose?!
  • I'll bet she wanted my autograph!
  • Your destiny isn't so immutable
    Anything that you can dream
    Can also be the fate that you will have. (1.41)
  • Fairy blue
    you are my everything
    The reason I go on
    In this captivity,
    If you raise your voice and call for me
    I will find you, my dear
    Wherever you may be
    And I will be sure to set you free from this ensnaring curse. (2.05)
  • I'll never show you my tears. These are the tears of those who died with regrets. If there's a way to take away these regrets, I'll make sure I'll find it. If it's fear that you speak of, then I'll stand and face it. I'll never give up. The only time I lose is when I die! (informative, resolved, determined)
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