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About This Character

Example lines said by Bartok:
  • (Talking to himself) Oh, sure, blame the bat. What the heck we're easy targets always hanging...(R: What are you muttering about?) Anastasia, sir. Just wishing I could do the job for you -- Sir, I'd give her a h-ya then a hi-ya and then a woo-wah and I'd kick her, sir.
  • Anastasia? Yeah, just one problem there fella, Anastasia's dead. All the Romanovs are dead. They're dead, dead, dead, dead...(to Minion)...Am I right my friend. I mean, how could that be Ana-...(realizing whom he's talking to; screams) Oh, come on now. Am I supposed to believe that thing woke up after all these years just because some guy claims she's a Romanov? (Spooked) Okay! Okay! I get-the message! Enough already with glowing and the smoke people! (Amazed) If that things come back to life it must mean Anastasia's alive...and that's her!
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