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About This Character

Example lines said by Asuna Yuuki:
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  • I wonder... is Kirito still wearing black? [Talking to herself]
  • I'm just here to fill plot holes from the first season. [Happily Explaning]
  • No!! [Yelling. Try your own spin on it]
  • I was just dreaming a little. About my old world. Its strange In the dream, I wondered if everything here, in Aincard, if everything that had happened with you, was only a dream. I was really scared. Im happy this wasnt a dream.
  • Hey, Kirito... If the game is cleared and this world ends, what will happen to her?
  • Hey, Kirito... Wanna friend me?
  • (Sarcastic) Oh goodie, we found the punk who tried to marry me, how delighted am I to see you again
  • (Friendly) oh sweetheart, no need to worry, I got this (slaps biceps twice and cracks knuckles((no need to crack em' if you can't)
  • (Embarrassed) i-I'm not being rude... You're just an air-head who wants a piece of my Kirito.
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