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About This Character

Example lines said by America:
  • Well, in America...(improvise something here).
  • France, I will poke you with this pencil.
  • (say something American)
  • (excitedly) Oh my McDonalds, I ship it so much! Look at how theyre lying, they look so FREE!
  • (quickly, as though delivering a speech) Hello, my fellow burger-buddies! Im America! Im here to talk a lot of sh!t really fast, like in AMERICA. Thats why this meeting is being held. So we can all make empty promises, that everyone knows well never keep! Just like a true AMERICAN democracy! Ah, ha ha, FREEDOM!
  • (indignantly) Ill have you know I worked on this extremely-not-bullsh!t strategy for a whole three minutes in the bathroom before I came and pitched it to you guys!
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