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About This Character

Example lines said by Akemi Roppongi:
  • (Drowsy, slight hungover) Hey what's going on downstairs? Can't a girl get some sleep?

    (Annoyed) Yotsuya you shameless wolf so are you going after younger prey now?
  • (Casual and slightly amused) I should've figured you would say something like that.

    (Smug and Cynical) Oh please like that pathetic Ronin would ever amount to anything.
  • (Gleefully Devious) Yeah I have a little theory, oh sure Akane may insist that she and this Ryouga boy are just good friends but what if there was another girl in the picture huh? I've seen girls like Akane all the time they go from Oh he is just a dear friend but the moment another woman shows in they go Oh you better not be touching my man shortly afterwards. I mean you are certainly qualified enough to use your feminine wiles on Ryouga and that can easily get Akane to reconsider her stance on Ryouga.

    (Happy Loud-Mouth Drunk) Hey Garcon could you please bring us another brewsky here? Heh heh Say Godai since your still on your lap top could you play us some music? I mean what's a party without some music?
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