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Example lines said by Agent X (Sharon Carter):
  • How old was I when I first saw him in those old news reels? It seems like I've been watching him all my life, sometimes. My aunt Peggy had worked with him during the war, in the French Resistance. And, briefly, they had fallen in love. The only way you can when there are bombs falling all around. With wild abandon. But I didn't know all that as a kid. I just knew she liked to watch newsreel footage from the war...even though it made her cry.
  • It wasn't until years later, when I was a young SHIELD agent on assignment, when I came face to face with the man she had lost. Watching him move, seeing him in action, it was a revelation. And I knew then what Peggy had seen all those years before, why she had fallen for him. Because even though he was a soldier, you could almost feel the kindness behind those eyes hardened by war. He'd fought through the worst days of the 20th century, and he was still the most decent man you could ever meet.
  • SHIELD wants liaisons for all government funded operatives and I volunteered to be yours. Maybe I did it because I thought you'd need someone who'd treat you like a person, not a living legend. Someone who wouldn't pee their pants just to meet you. And maybe I thought you'd open up to me more than you did to that therapist in your annual evaluation. Which I read by the way. And you're lucky that guy didn't know you as well as I used to...or you might not have your security levels right now. SHIELD may not be worried about you yet, Steve, but I am.
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