What's New in v2?

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10x Faster than v1

Not only for your desktop, but also for your mobile devices

Notifications and Messages

Now they are available in a handy dropdown on every page so you don't have to go clicking around


We got rid of "Reviews" which was broken, and replaced it with Recommendations. You can recommend anyone at any time, and they can choose to list it on their profile

Saved Searches

Tired of receiving emails of "Newest" Casting Calls when none of the casting calls are what you're looking for? Tailor your emails so you only get emails based off what you want!

Audio Verification

Want to make sure the voice actor you're casting has great audio?


Want to get to know your voice actors, characters and more? That's the place. Plus in the near future, you can use the wiki as a template for new projects. How neat.

Edit Profile instantly

See changes on your profile immediately on your profile page itself. Niiice

Unlist your casting calls when you're done with them

Just head over to your command center and click 'Unlisted'

Better search for voice actors

Search for voice actors by name, see their recommendations and their demos

Revamped collaboration

Voice actors and casting directors can finally work together in harmony with the completely redesigned workflow

Dashboard improvements

Edit your email, your username, verify your audio, and manage your subscription all in one spot

Download raw audio

CCC has to compress the audio to make sure it's suitable for the web. It doesn't always compress the best. Now you can download the raw file

New casting call creation form

Streamlined to make it readable, fast. Reorder roles, close/open the role, cast actors, etc

New audio player

You can FINALLY skip forward and backwards in the audio player

And a whole lot more!

Save project for later, union or non-union, can't upvote yourself, fixed notification caching, fixed recent activity and put it on profile, better profile over all, view all your auditions, casting call creation improvements, and so so much love.