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The Great Rebuild

Starting May 21st, 2021, we are completely rebuilding CCC from scratch, publicly.

From private auditions to customized profiles, we want your input on what to build.

"Say something you think would fit."

You will be notified when your suggestion or something you upvoted goes live.

Latest Updates

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  • Announcing Closing Credits!

    New site to support the school & community for creators. See Buford's walkthrough here.

  • Mobile App Beta Release

    The *beta* version of the CCC Mobile app goes out live to its first 100 people. The plan is to do it in increments where we fix a bunch of bugs, release to more people, and repeat the cycle again. We estimate a couple weeks of this before a wider release to the public. UPDATE Aug 1: We hare having issues with quality control on the mobile app. Lots of bugs being reported. Apologies for the delay.

  • "What's New" page goes live with new layout

    If you are ever wondering what is going on behind the curtain, this is the place to lurk. The new layout supports darkmode from the start. If your computer is set to darkmode, you should be seeing darkmode right now.

  • Announcement of The Great Rebuild

    Set up a public suggestion board and tweeted the announcement. Prior to this, cleaned up old code and updated libraries to the latest. Setup read write distribution which will help the site go much faster, especially for our friends overseas.