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About Jack


My name is Jack (aka VulpinalVA) I've been in the VO scene for a few years now, I've done everything from commercial to character and I've even been known to direct a project or two! I love this job and I hope to be a voice that people can pick from a crowd in the future. No part big or small gets any less love or attention from me as a talent or as a director! I look forward to working with you!

Fondest Regards,

Jack T Delmar

Closing Credits - 2020

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang

A fantastic first step into the world of Voice Over instruction. I left with a greater sense of what steps I needed to take to get where I wanted to be!

Real Voice LA - 2020

Commercial Voice Workshop

Instructed by Katie Zeiner

A deeper dive into Commercial reads and what it means to speak to your audience!

Voice Acting Mastery - 2020

Online Voice Acting Workshop

Instructed by Crispin Freeman

A deeper look at Character work and real time evaluation and feedback from an incredible Voice Actor!


I determine rates based upon the need of the client and what they can reasonably contribute.

What Jack is looking for

I've lent my voice to Animations, Audiobooks, Mobile Apps, Video Games, and more. I'd love to work with you!

  • @half-drunk-wanderer

    This guy does some amazing work and should be given more credit for his work Even though I only heard his voice in 2 of my auditions I can feel the emotion and the fear within his voice as he read the lines.

    I truly recommend Vulpinal to anyone who's looking for a good voice for an audiobook narrator or character.

  • @csr-creations

    A fabulous actor with a burning passion. If you like live direction and actors willing to do their absolute best to reach your image, Vulpinal is the one you want to turn to. He has such a brilliant voice and great work ethic, I am so very glad to have him part of my project. I don’t regret for one moment the chance to work with him.
    He is also incredibly passionate and understanding with his craft. He really knows what he is doing and will not disappoint.

  • @simplymiprii

    I wish I could put into words how wonderful Vulpinal really is! The moment I heard his voice, I just had to have him on the team! Such an awesome person and he truly adds his own special zing to his characters. 10/10

  • @xmlao

    Jack was willing to help me for free with a project that aims to help other voice actors excel in the art of improv.

    He was super easy to work with and was a fabulous actor with a really lovely delivery on the lines that he worked on. He did a really good job to make himself clear and followed specific directions I gave him.

    He was also incredibly respectful about things I asked from him as well.

    He is truly a wonderful person to work with and I look forwards to seeing him again with future projects and some other things as well,

    Thanks for lending me a hand Vulpinal!

    -Kindo (XMLAO.)

  • @jrush64

    Very very easy to work with. Read the character description and nailed it in one go. Would gladly work with him again. Thanks for the voice work.