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About TylertheTadpole

Hi! My name is Tyler and I've wanted to be a voice actor my entire life, but have only recently started auditioning as of December 4th, 2019. I'm a 23 year old man who loves anime and video games. My favorites being JoJo's bizarre adventure and Persona 5/Dark souls 3. I flop between the two. 

I have experience on the stage as an actor, so i'm use to taking directions and working with a cast and crew. I love putting on a production, so let's work together to make that happen!

Demos & Samples

2021 Demo Reel

Here's some of my range! hope to be working with anyone listening one day!

  • @silentecho

    This dude.
    Tyler is TALENTED. He's a terrific voice actor, but not only that, extremely funny and great at writing scripts and other such things.
    On more occasions than one, Tyler's gotten me into hysterics. He's so easy to get along with, too! He makes everyone feel really comfortable.
    He's *so* good at improv, and generally active when talking to people. He's come up with some terrific scripts (as linked below) for a project we work together in, (Danganronpa; Sweet Salvation) and the entire team loves them. (They've even been made into videos on the official Youtube channel for DR;SS.)
    I'm genuinely so glad to have met this guy, and I hope to work with him in the future. If he's auditioned for your project, you should definitely cast him. He's such a great guy and brings so much to the table! How could you not hire him?

  • @mrlanier

    This absolute mad lad is one of the most hilarious guys i've met and i am absolutely ecstatic to be working with him. If you ever need a man that is funny and an absolute nice individual Tyler is your guy.

  • @0sin0

    Tyler is a genuine joy to work with! He brings characters to life and is a wonderful actor. He voices two very different characters in my project and doesn't disappoint! His voice is very expressive and he always delivers ; even doing extra work for the project !
    He is a great sport and i'm glad to have him on the team . I highly advise you check him out and consider him for a role in your project too.

  • @krivera7

    I have worked with Tyler as a fellow voice actor on projects, and I've also been directed by him. As a voice actor, Tyler has an incredible range with the energy and depth to bring any character to life. He is dedicated and will go above and beyond with his acting. As a director, he is very pleasant to work with. He was patient, understanding, and fun, and he made sure to clarify everything when needed. He is also a very skilled writer. Any project would benefit from having Tyler on its team. 

  • @astra-the-greek

    If you want a solid VA to count on, for your project, then Tyler is your guy. Very skilled and friendly and just a pleasure to work with in general. I would totally recommend Tyler for any projects out there. He's great!