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Yoho! I talk dramatically to myself and a microphone for a living, and that is, to a degree, my entire personality (the rest of myself is just busy screaming because the script told me to). :))
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Live Actor
Meet Vanity!
Residing in the U.S, Vanity is an Asian-American, semi-professional voice actor and vocalist. It could probably be believed that this girl's entire thriving personality is based on the performing arts alone.

Vanity's voice is capable of expressing a variety of personalities (seeing—in this case hearing—is believing, so feel free to witness for yourself, this extraordinary range, through her auditions and demo reel)!

Vanity always loves a good opportunity to challenge herself, claiming that her favorite characters to play are usually the ones that come in unique and are not the usual stock-written protagonist following the same journey. So, don't fear the "what ifs" of Vanity's limits and capabilities, and reach out with a role for her to take on!
Got an awesome song, but require an awesome voice to sing it? Have no fear, Vanity is here! Even her neighb...
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, and Live Actor
Howdy! I was an aspiring Voice Actor who decided to pick it back up as a hobby.•I am 16 years old with a medium-low natural voice however I can fluctuate•singing-wise: D3~C6-ish•I love working on passion projects :D I have 7 years of overall acting experience, having been in 13 musicals and 1 straight play as of now!★Thanks for stopping by★
Check my social links if you want to reach me :)
Speaks: english
Hello you can call me AMB! I am open for ALMOST any jobs, I can do male or female voices though I am stronger in female tones! I think voice acting would be a dream job! My only rules are-1. NO SWEARING(I don't declare hell or damn as swear words)2. NO NSFW! 3) No 18+ jobs
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, and Live Actor
Hello you can call me AMB! I am open for ALMOST any jobs, I can do male or female voices though I am stronger in female tones! I think voice acting would be a dream job! My only rules are-1. NO SWEARING(I don't declare hell or damn as swear words)2. NO NSFW! I have done previous voice acting in discord! I usually VA for smaller channels, I am prepared to VA for any size channel no matter your size!
she/her | Daisy | 20 | hispanic | English & Spanish | @university | Socials: Discord: -_Daisy_-#7730 | Insta (new): _itsdaiiisy_ (there are 3 i)
I am a Voice Actor and Writer
not new here started voice acting back in 2017, but had a long break from then to now.restarted voice acting (full time) in January of 2021. Made this account due to wanting to rebrand myself
Accents: any
How can I be of service?
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Born and raised in California, Envee-Lin is a Vietnamese-American voice actor and vocalist. Introduced to the spotlight at the age of five, her love for the performing arts began with singing alongside her mom. With the assistance of a vocal coach, in the same year, she booked her first paid gig.Taking her first steps into acting, Envee-Lin auditioned for a school musical without any prior acting experience. There, she was cast as the female lead, and the thrill of the performance shook her to knowledge of what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Overcoming the misfortune of her high school not offering a theatre course, Envee-Lin took it upon herself to continue acting by pursuing voice-over virtually as a result of the pandemic.Envee-Lin continues to hone her skills by taking advantage of voice-over classes, doing her finest to improve beyond her best self.Get to know her as ...
Speaks: vietnamese
Hi there, very nice to meet ya! My name is Chatterbox VA, but you can just call me Chatterbox, Chat, or Chatter, if you so prefer.
I am a Voice Actor
An amatuer voice actor trying to gain some street rep.TALENTS:Deep voicesHigh voicesSingingImprov line readingAccentsScreamingAll feedback on auditions is welcome.Wanna "hire" me? You can gmail me at AIK7958, or DM on Discord at chatteringaway#5424
Currently voicing:Sigurd (Fire Emblem: Engage Fandub)Tsukasa Tenma (Project SEKAI: Project Forte)Akito Shinonome (Project SEKAI: Journey For Hope)Shadow Monster (Sick Of Sadness/SOS)Vergilius (Limbus Company Fandub)Ziv (You: Online V/N)Kaito & Len (Vocaloid Song Dubs)French Vanilla Cookie & Pure Vanilla Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom: Ancient and Lost)Kris, Seam, & the King of Spades (Songrune)Corrin, and Ryoma (Fire Emblem Fates | Queen Mikoto's Death)Mondo Owada (@gomaboy1830's Danganronpa project)Idol/Singer (@IDoNotEatGlue's Idol project)Giant Turtle (Majora's Mask Manga - Fandub)Shino Aburame (Naruto Abridged)Wyatt (Love Thr...
Speaks: english
Amateur voice actor and a friendly guy
I am a Voice Actor
Voice Acting ResumeThe News Report – Rose Evergreen – IAmMaddieAtYouDamien – Rose Evergreen – IAmMaddieAtYouOne Heart, One Soul – Connor – darlingroseDon’t Let It In – Demonic Entity – future_voidStonesBurrow – Anker Stout (Secondary Role) – morgan4067The Death Of My Past – Liam – The SpctureJake and Clint – Jack Hoffmen (Main Antagonist) – CringeInduvidualBATTLE FOR MEGA CITY (Fortnite Movie) – Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara) - FortShortsYu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL: Eternal (Fan Series) – Yuma Tsukumo (Lead) – Starr#0481Time To Obey Me, Master - Coffee Shop Owner - ZumiiChukaPeppercorn Shore Entities - Ernie The Space Octopus (Game Character) - Mr. M & Mr. BThe Weight Of The Future / An Animated YouTube Series - David Berlusconi - anin-okiruThe Cerebrum Procedure - Tommy (Antagonist) - future_voidBobby the Alien (Character Short) - Actor - inside_sams_mind
Speaks: english
i do voice things sometimes
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, and Director
Been voice acting for roughly 4 years now. I may not be the greatest, but I certainly know what I'm doing. At least I think so lol

I can scream loud and long, be very expressive or monotone, and just about everything but a consistent high-pitched voice. My vocal range is decently wide but mostly reserved to lower tones.

I also draw (mostly)

I'm looking to collaborate with others on their projects or my own. Sounds fun.
Speaks: english
Setup: audacity
Hi It's me Red  who wants my guinea pig laughs 
I am a Voice Actor and Video Editor
Hello I'm RedFairyVA or on YouTube, you might know me as RedBirdYTPlays I am a beginner voice actor who wants to get better but I only want to do voice acting as a hobby. Just like my Photography, it will be a hobby too.I have some experience in Adobe programs like Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc. Also, my YouTube channel has some voice acting I did.
Professional Full time VA. Would love to give my voice to your projects!I'm only interested in paid projects. please credit me: Please if discord is the primary communication message me if you cast me and tell me your discord
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
I usually do my auditions at night, with a simple rule post and forget. I'd be happy to reaudition if you want a deeper/ different tone etc I can do deep voices, regal ones etc etc. and bring your characters to life. If a specific tone voice reference is what you need I can try to bring something similar to life while still being original. Always let me know thank you.Please if you could credit meI'd be very grateful thank you. Do not use my voice for ai voice training under any circumstances or input my voice into ai editing software!
Speaks: english
Novice Khajiit voice-actress. Skyrim Follower-Mod author.
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, and Live Actor
Hi I'm Scarundy! I am working on my own Follower (NPC) mod for ''The Elder Scrolls: 5 Skyrim'' right now. But I can do small projects if someone would like to.

Voice: I have a somewhat childish female voice which will fit perfectly for younger roles
Hardware: I have a Blue Snowball, attached to a mic-stand and a popfilter. I also have acoustic panels which will eliminate any echo (Which also keeps my neighbor happy haha) 
Software: I edit my files in Audacity to get rid of any other background sounds. I can only record on cold, peaceful days. As my PC has some crazy fans.
DISCORD: scarundy (updated without #)Linktree and any other socials are to be found on my profile.
Royal Advisor ! pronouns: dude/dude's, my guy/bro, formally they/them 🤓
I am a Voice Actor
hello, i am 28 and from denmark, voice actor in my home studio-silly vids on channel: Peasant Woman for chatting and working: nonbinary1516steam profile: Nonbinary channel: Vilje Norkedof to make friends as well as coworkers 🌼