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Voice Actor, Editor, Audio Engineer, and Streamer
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer
Hey there! I'm a midwest-based creator in the fields of voice acting, audio engineering, video editing, and livestreaming.

I've spent a good portion of my life improving on my editing skills. Trying to perfect timing, techniques, effects, and overall flow of how scenes play out. Audio is a major focus of my skills. I believe good audio is an essential part of any production. And I strive to bring the best quality I can to whatever I'm working on.

I'm self-taught, but have many years of experience working in my fields. I've done work for projects BIG and SMALL.
Speaks: english
Voice artist for your project!
I am a Voice Actor and Audio Engineer
Hi, my name is Aaron! I'm a born and raised Texan (I can either show that accent or cover up). I can provide you an upbeat, friendly, caring voice; a lower, grittier, angry, serious, commanding, broadcast voice; or I can flex and provide you whatever you want in between. Let's chat and make some magic!Gear I CURRENTLY use (upgrades pending):Mic: Aston Origin (condenser), Audio Technica AT2040 (dynamic), Samson Q2U (dynamic)
Mixer/Pre-amp: Presonus Revelator io24Software: Adobe Audition plugins from Waves and iZotopeI record in sound-treated walk-in closet converted into a recording/streaming room with plenty of sound absorbing items and microphone isolation.
Speaks: english
Accents: american texan
Voice Description: male adult male young adult
Music and Characters for All
I am a vocal shape shifter of sound, voices, rhythms, beats and music.  Check out my about section for more details.  
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, and Live Actor
I can create and voice a large variety of cartoon characters with a vocal range of at least 4 octaves as well as imitate voices/sounds.  On top of vocal range I also have a very accurate and strong voice that allows me to match pitch, tone and style of other singers.  I can play a variety of instruments as well although guitars are my main go to and what I’m most proficient in.  Doesn’t matter what kind, electric, bass, baritone in either electric or acoustic types.  Along with this I have a technical background with various hardware/software programs.
In school I played 4 different instruments in band as well as being in mens choir, both of which tryouts were required to join.  On top of performing for the local school both classes would also complete against other schools at various colleges which required us to sight read sheet music which I can also do with tablature.  
Speaks: english
Search all 461 audio engineer Windows PC profiles