J Ros for Elliot Minchen (ELL-ee-ut MIN-shen)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Elliot Minchen (ELL-ee-ut MIN-shen)


Elliot is Skye's younger brother and originally the reason how Skye, Eden, and Ryan ended up in the other dimension. He was curious about the portal and got trapped inside it, so they went in after him.

Most of the time Elliot just complains, and gets rather annoyed when anyone blames the portal incident on him.

For Elliot I'm looking for a 7-year-old sounding annoying boy, I'm not bothered about the accent it just really needs to sound the same as Skye's, but Skye is also in these auditions.

Elliot is a side character.

Voice description:
  • general english
  • generic british
  • Annoying
  • loud
  • male child
  • all american accents
  • any
  • generic american
  • Any Accent
  • british
  • all english accents
  • english
  • canadian english
  • all accents
  • generic english
  • young
  • "Skyeeeee please stoppp blaming meeee!" *annoying*

  • "Yayyyyy!" *annoying*

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