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RaeVO for Raja - The Sea Queen

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Raja - The Sea Queen
Paid: Flat Rate 50 USD
Role assigned to: Sara Dunham

Raja is a charismatic, confident, boss-babe character. She's lived 500+ years and still has many more to go. She's a sea beast who can transform into a human.

Raja was the first queen of the Rajan Empire and is seen as almost a goddess/divine protector of the Rajan people. Her descendants are still on the throne. She loves to swim, drink and spoil adorable cinnamon-roll girls. She's super weak to anything cute and will automatically become a doting big sister to any innocent lady that she meets. 

Voice description:
  • female adult
  • (Ham this up) I am Raja. Lady of the Storms, First Queen of the Rajan Kingdom, Current AND Noble Guardian of the Rajan Kingdom, Holy Maiden of the Aloreian Sea, merciful to those who obey me. To those who don’t I’m… The Bringer of Death, Fleet Breaker, Terror of the Southern Seas, Destroyer of the Northern Seas, RAVAGER of the Eastern Seas-

  • Nice to meet you, kiddo. Allow me to formally introduce myself since Marris here decided to introduce me with that monstrosity of a nickname.

  • Nah. I hold too many grudges. I mean, could you imagine the things you could do with that ability? The husband comes in after he’s pissed you off and thinks he’s sleeping in the same bed? Hah! He’d walk right into a wall and get blown down the stairs. Or a girl gets a bit too big for her britches? Just the tiniest barrier can make her faceplant in the mud.

Shattered Souls - Supporting Cast
Eternal Love Studios, LLC.

You are invited to the final round of auditions for this character. If interested, please join our Discord for information on the final round.


    Thank you very much, I will work on my submission for the final round as soon as possible! I am already in the discord server and have located the audition link there. Thank you for this opportunity!

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