Jawbreaker (2023)

MrHatfield for Protagonist

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: beardyman

The protagonist is a bit of an "every-man" around their late 30s or early 40s. Life in the Jawbreaker world is rough and dangerous, with most of society being run by violent gangs. After the protagonist joins a new group of survivors he wants to show his usefulness by leaving to loot buildings for supplies, that's where he is captured by The Faceless Gang and the main events of the game begin.

Some inspiration would be Sebastian Castellanos from The Evil Within 2 (example).

  • Hey, can you hear me? I just arrived at the eastern district, it doesn't look looted yet…we might be in luck (beginning of the game, walking through an abandoned part of town)

  • Dammit, everything's gone...they got me to take all the risk and then they take off with all the loot (after being betrayed and knocked out after looting building)

  • God dammit…it’s completely barricaded, there’s no getting through all that (learning the first exit out of the main building is locked)

Jawbreaker (2023)
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