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About Ashif N

Hello! My name is Ashif. You can call me Ash for short! :) 

So, my main goal is to pursue composing music. However, I am also capable of Directing and producing projects. 

I have a lot of experience in doing sound design / Sound effects work. I have been doing it for my projects and for some clients for over 2 years. 

I am also capable of editing Audio such as Voices for post production. I can clean up, EQ and add necessary effects depending on the project and the scenes. 

I also have a lot of experience in Video Editing; especially adding, removing and keyframing lip flaps in animated videos to match up with the voices.

What Ashif N is looking for

Music Composing

Directing & Producing

Video Editing

  • @dennis-lookman

    SourMercury, aka DBLiveOnline cast me as Vegeta for his ongoing project back in 2018 and it has been a true pleasure managing this project together with him, ShiniKamiVR and TheLuckyDerp.

    We have come so far together, went through hardships sometimes as well, learned a TON of stuff on audio editing... and currently we sit at 16k subscribers on YouTube due to our extremely passionate and hard work!

    He truly has become my friend and so did the other two men I mentioned above. I wouldn't know how boring my life would've been, had I never met these three.

    It is extremely satisfying to work with you, my man. I can't wait to see what the future may hold!