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My name is Rachel and I've been voice acting for audio dramas off and on for a number of years. I'm an Alto and often end up playing children, mothers, computers, male teens, and villains (my favorite kind of role). I'm happy to help out with your project for free at this point as I'm still getting comfortable with my craft. 

In addition to voice acting, I've produced a number of audio plays for studios such as Dream Realm Enterprises, The Sonic Society, the Mutual Audio Network, and the Narada Radio Company. 

As of 7-13-21, I'm ready to form my own Audio Drama company (Sole Twin Audios). At this point, I will still utilize my connections with the Mutual Audio Network and Moonlight Audio as they are high level traffic sites, but I plan on using both Anchor and possibly Youtube to begin hosting my original series: Old Time Radio Theatre, Reminisce With Me, Tierney's Tales of Terror, Strange Paradise (fan audio drama) and others. I also have a separate project for the company, Darker Projects called "Phobias Unlimited."  

-Projects I'm involved in (Voice acting)-

The Distant Silent Radio Hour - (Jude)

Gettysburg: The Civil War (Clara Barton)

The Infinite Realm (Mrs. Seltzer Avenue)

Crisis Barn (Nancy Landgraab) 

The Runaway 8 (Perfect Children/other characters)

Cryptic College (Extra) 

Both of Us (Hospital Receptionist) 

Character of Yoki (by JassyBella) 

Ghost Woman 1 (Soul Beneficiary) 

Awards for Writing

Honorable Mention: Project Henry (MBT Audio Drama Script-Writing Competition)

First Place: A Tale of Tierney (MBT Audio Drama Script-Writing Competition)

Second Place: Phobias Unlimited ("The Cellar" Writing Contest)

Phobias Unlimited 


Holiday Affair

Ghost Hunt

Demos & Samples

Showcase Classics Teaser

Featured in this teaser were the voice talents of Pete Lutz, Marisha Tapera, Alex Gilmour, Boyd Barrett, and Bruce Busby. Music by Kevin MacLeod and Tom Rory Parsons. 

Wuthering Heights Teaser

Featured in this teaser were the voice talents of Alexa Chipman, John Bell, Marisha Tapera, Karl Werner, and Pete Lutz with music provided by Purple Planet.

Reminisce With Me Radio Spot

Featuring the voice talent of Chris R. Notarile with original music by Katie Seaton and narration written by Rachel Pulliam for her series, "Reminisce With Me." 

Jane Eyre Teaser - Part 1

Another production for Showcase Classics. The following voice talents were included in this trailer: Jerry Kokich, Colette Feehan as Jane Eyre, Margaret Ashley as Mrs. Reed, Glenn Hascall as Mr. Brocklehurst, and Bruce Busby.  

Phobias Unlimited Teaser Scene

Warning: The following program is rated PG-13 for strong language, violence, and other possible scary situations. Phobias Unlimited falls under the umbrella of ‘The World of Oracle’ and therefore fits into Sole Twin Audios despite taking place in the present-day era. The following contains strong language. 

Featuring the voice talents of Norman Bradley, Claire Jacobs, and Meredith Jones! Phobias Unlimited: Episode 1 premieres on October 3rd as part of the Transcontinental Terror and appears in Pete Lutz's "The Cellar." 

Norman Bradley -

Claire Jacobs -

Meredith Jones -

Artwork by Daniel Puentee

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OTR recreations, Podcasts, Dramas, Serials

  • @karlawson

    Rachel (as Dream Realm Enterprises/Old Time Radio Theatre) was a very positive and hard-working producer in the remake of Wuthering Heights where I had the opportunity to voice the character Heathcliff.

    She was punctual and thorough with her correspondence, as well as providing timely answers to any question a voice talent may have. Scripts were well laid out and sending voice files to them was a breeze.

    Rachel is also adept at sound and audio production as she incorporates volume, timing, as well as music and sound effect choices to great effect. Her works have been recognized by her peers and I agree with their accolades.

    In all, Rachel (DRE, OTR) is a pleasure to work with, and if you are cast by her or utilize her talents, you will not be disappointed.

  • @pawpaw-greg

    What can I say about Rachel except... wow! She has an incredible range. She would be a great addition to any project.
    If you need someone who is extremely capable of handling such a wonderful display of talent...look no further, Rachel will get it done!

  • @meredithnudo

    I can only pick one, but I have both provided voice work for Rachel and am currently working with her on an audio drama where we're both members of the cast. She's such a passionate, assured, and friendly talent who goes out of her way to support her teammates and knows exactly what she wants in her productions. I continue to be in awe of Rachel's gifts every day. Keep an eye on her, folks! She's going places. It's an honor to work both alongside and for her.

  • @jacktropolis

    Rachel is, indeed, a fantastic addition to any project on CastingCallClub; As both a cast member accepted for a voice role AND an active supporter in your endeavors. It was, and still is, a pleasure to collaborate with her!

    I first received contact from Rachel where she expressed her support for GETTYSBURG: A Civil War Battle Documentary, a historical documentary which I uploaded to CastingCall looking for voice actors and actresses to dub over quotations from historical figures. Rachel soon auditioned for the role of Clara Barton after contacting me; Her audition was FLAWLESS. I would go far enough to claim that Rachel's casting as Clara Barton was one of the best decisions made during the production of this documentary; Her dub of Barton's quote not only shows talent, but PASSION for what she does. Her incredible vocal range and emotion in said audition was amazing.

    On top of being such a talented voice actress, Rachel was also willing to play a major role in the development of your projects; In the case of GETTYSBURG: A Civil War Battle Documentary, Rachel frequently spoke with me, expressed constant support, and even spread the word about said project to encourage more individuals to audition for still-open roles. Rachel surely is someone who wishes to see your projects flourish and be successful!

    All-in-all, Rachel was an extremely positive, supportive, and active addition to the Gettysburg Documentary Team. Her audition and eventual casting as Clara Barton in said documentary shows her talent and passion for voice acting, and her constant support shows that she is a big helping hand! If you are looking for a voice actress with incredible talent, burning passion, and a willingness to be an active member on your team, Rachel is your best bet!

  • @spacegators

    Rachel is exactly what I was looking for when I was seeking someone for Mrs. Seltzer Avenue. Her voice has such a classic, timeless quality that brings the character to life.

    She is quick to produce quality content and has an amazing attitude within the group. I'm so pleased to have her as part of our team!

  • @prova10

    Okay I can sweeten my language as much as I want but I'm gonna keep it brief and to the point, as to avoid gushing on how amazing this individual was to work with, They were specific on when they'd get lines done, asked questions, and gave a fantastic performance that brought so much life into this comic dub, so if they audition for any of your projects I can 100% with full confidence say you'll get a hard-working, dedicated, and fully-fledged professional into your group, and I truly look forward to working with them again

  • @jackalert

    I have been a stage actor for nearly 40 years. In that time, I have had hundreds of directors. Some better than others. Rachel is among the best I have ever had the privilege for working with. She is in constant communication with her cast and crew. I always know what is going on with every project. She has, it seems, an insatiable drive to not only get the projects done, but done with a standard of professionalism that she appears to naturally evoke from those working for her. She has our trust.
    One of the signs of a true leader is when they know when to ask for assistance or advice from someone who may have more experience in a certain aspect of the project. As a truly effective leader, Rachel puts the project above personal vanity. Few and far between are directors that can say the same. She is an impressive individual and it is an honor working with her.

  • @horror-shop-radio

    I cast Rachel for a role in my audio drama podcast. She did an amazing job bringing the character to life just as I had imagined, and delivered her lines in a very timely manner! Rachel has excellent communication and is a true professional! She also produces some outstanding work of her own, which I've enjoyed listening to. I would recommend Rachel in a heartbeat, a pleasure to work with!