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Hi there, I'm Wade.  I'm just starting out and throwing my hat into the voice acting pool.  I've got a knack for making voices to get smiles and laughs and thought I should put myself out there and try to go further with it.  I am currently working with many other talented artists on Fallout New Vegas:Simply Uncut.  I'm excited to join this community and looking to learn as much as I can to make my best better!

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    ShikyoSoma was recruited to my team as a newbie by a fellow VA. While I was initially apprehensive as ShikyoSoma was entirely green to this, he turned out to be a valuable member of the team with a nice deep voice proper for a variety of characters, such as an albino Legionnaire with extreme distaste for profligates to the exact opposite: A military ranger patrolling a highway and keeping it safe for travelers. He was rough around the edges but with minimal guidance and nitpicks he was able to produce work worthy of being in a video game. All of this combined with his eagerness to work will bring you solid and quality work. I definitely recommend giving him a chance, you wont regret it.