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About Random411

Hi, I'm a mod author for Fallout: New Vegas. (Or in other words, someone who creates additional content for a preexisting game). I primarily make mods with new worlds to explore, with the main focus being atmosphere as well as sheer entertainment value. 

My recent work, The Unholy Lands, was partially cast from this website.

I've also made other, even more surrealistic mods like Dreamweaver's Realm and Ultimate Lairs.

Making mods is something I've been very dedicated to, and I see them as an excellent creative outlet. So I very much appreciate any auditions, as it helps me to make the ideas I have a reality.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    I didn't receive voice work from his, there just isn't an option to say he's given me work, just not voice work. Random411 has been my mod's level designer for a while now and has created many, many different locations for my mod, Simply Uncut - New Vegas. From underground bunkers to simulations to Vaults, he's a very talented level designer as well as a mod author. Having created several interesting mods such as The Unholy Lands for Fallout: New Vegas. He is as reliable as he is friendly, and you can count on him to give you direction and purpose in his projects.

  • @ajwilde

    I was cast as two different characters for his FO:NV mod "Darkwood Falls." What I appreciate about him as a creator is that he has a very clear and concise vision of what he wants, and he communicates this effectively. He is incredibly easy to work with as a voice actor, and as someone who enjoys games as a whole, I admire the amount of skill and dedication that goes into his work. I'd absolutely work with him again if given the chance!