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About Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Episode One, Recast)

Meet Yuugi and his best buds Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu. They share a love for the newest game that’s sweeping the nation: Duel Monsters! Duel Monsters is a card-battling game in which players pit different mystical creatures against one another in creative and strategic duels! Packed with awesome monsters and mighty spell cards, Yuugi and his friends are totally obsessed with the game. But there’s more to this card game than meets the eye!

Legend has it thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptian Pharaohs used to play a magical game very similar to Duel Monsters. This ancient game involved magical ceremonies, which were used to foresee the future and ultimately decide one’s destiny. They called it the Games of Darkness. Since the game used so many magical spells and ferocious creatures, it wasn’t long before the game got out of hand and threatened to destroy the world. Fortunately, a brave Pharaoh stepped in and averted this cataclysm.

Now, in present times, the game has been revived in the form of playing cards.

Meanwhile, Yuugi’s grandfather gives him an old Egyptian puzzle that no one can solve, but when Yuugi finally pieces the puzzle together, his life is forever changed. The puzzle instills Yuugi with an ancient spirit, and the two work together to form a stronger, more confident duellist. Soon after, the mysterious creator of the Duel Monsters card game, Pegasus J. Crawford, kidnaps Yuugi’s grandfather, and Yuugi is drawn into a Duel Monsters competition that Pegasus arranged. Now Yuugi must duel his way through a tournament and defeat Pegasus in order to save his grandfather.

How will Yuugi do it? Will the help of his friends, his belief in the game he loves and the mysterious power of his magical Millennium Puzzle be enough? Giant monsters! Powerful magic! And ancient Egyptian legends! Yu-Gi-Oh! is one action-packed adventure series that holds all the cards! It’s your move!

Seto Kaiba overhears Yuugi Mutou telling his friends that Sugoroku Mutou, Yuugi's grandfather, has a rare card called the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Obsessed with owning them all, Kaiba challenges Sugoroku to a duel and when his holographic arena technology proves too much for the old man, Yuugi steps into Duel to avenge his grandfather's defeat.

Before you audition please keep in mind that reliability and commitment are VERY important to us. So if for any reason you feel you may not be able to turn your lines in on time we would recommend looking elsewhere for voice work. We are doing a more than one clip, so by auditioning, you're agreeing to participate in several clips. Your character will have more screen time as we progress. Thank you and good luck!

x. The video above is a sample of the quality of our work.
x. Once cast you will be given a link to discord chat group.
x. No auditionee will be cast until after the due date, not before.
x. Upvotes will not count towards your audition, what will is if you have the right voice, tone, and emotion we are looking for.
x. We will be using the Japanese Names for all characters and you will be instructed on proper pronunciation.


MARCH 21st, 2018

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold