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About Ys Origin Dub

  • Welcome to the Ys Origin dub casting call!

There once was a wildly prosperous land named Ys, ruled by the twin Goddesses Reah and Feena and their six priestly retainers. It was a veritable paradise, with all its residents able to enact miracles at will through the use of magic – a power granted them by a holy artifact known as the Black Pearl. 

One day, without warning, enormous demons marched upon the land, bringing death and devastation in their wake. Their numbers and their might were too much for the knights and sorcerers of Ys to handle, so the people sought shelter within their holiest of temples at the top of the tallest mountain. In a desperate attempt to keep these people safe, the twin Goddesses used the power of the Black Pearl to tear this temple from the ground and raise it into the heavens, away from the ever-growing threat below. 

The demons were determined, however. They erected an enormous tower from which further attacks were launched, bringing the battle into the skies. An all-out war had begun, with forces concentrated in Solomon Shrine above and the Devil's Tower below. 

And it was amidst this chaos that the twin Goddesses stole away into the night. No one was told of their departure – not even the Six Priests who served them. It seemed clear that they'd gone back to the surface, but no one knew exactly why. Only one thing was certain: Without the Goddesses, Ys could not survive. 

Intent on finding their missing deities, the Six Priests organized a search party of the most elite knights and sorcerers in the land. These soldiers were given a single mission: Secure the safety of Ladies Reah and Feena, and bring them back to Solomon Shrine alive and well. 

But in the desolate, ruined remains of Ys, there's only one place they could have gone... 

The Devil's Tower itself.

  • Ys Origin?

  • Ys is a JRPG that was originally released in Japan in 2006, and is a hack-and-slash dungeon crawl run, filled with a sizable cast of characters, and a intriguing story. Some previous Ys games have dubs in them, but Ys Origin does not. My aim is to dub the game in all of it's cut-scenes. The game has three playable characters and stories to play out, Yunica, Hugo, and Toal,

Rules and Requirements?

Good Quality Microphone!
A good microphone will go a long way in recording, and I want the dub to be as professional as possible, so if you can record without peaking over 0 db, and attempt to have little to no background noise, your chance on being casted will substantially improve.

Discord or Skype?
I would prefer Discord, but I do have Skype for communication, once casted, I will ask you to send me your information for Discord or Skype. Through Discord, I will be able to keep in contact with you even when I'm away from my computer, Voice acting related subjects and memes will be accepted, but do try to keep other off topic subjects away from the chat (Love life, Gaming, Politics, etc.)

Respect your fellow VAs
This is a team effort, any sort of hazing or bullying will not be tolerated.

Have Fun!!

The Project will be posted on Youtube, so I will need a link to where casted VAs will be credited for their work in the future. I won't need it right away, but I will eventually.
I know this question will come up, Ys is pronounced like east but without the t.

You do not need to know anything about the Ys series, I haven't even played the previous games before this.

Toal will not be listed, for he is already casted

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold