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    About Youtube Model Horse Series {NEED Male Voice Actors}

    Hello! I recently held a casting call for this series, and almost every character was casted. Due to some complicated issues, I am having to recast two characters, who are both male. 

    The series follows several different characters, all on both physical and emotional journeys of their own. The series is expected to run three seasons. 

    In the beginning, every kind of animal existed, as well as a strange species called humans. Now, only horses and other small inferior animals exist. Horses have replaced people. No one is quite sure what caused human extinction. Theories upon theories have been created. Perhaps the humans created a disease that spread to every corner of the planet and they died off, perhaps a world war led to their demise, or maybe the god's above ordained their end. All that is known is here and now. 

    Ethereal's most populated places are in three different areas. Caldera, the city of the rich. Bostros, city of the middle class and poor. And finally, the greenlands. Below is a description of each. 

    Greenlands - Large governmentless republic territory. They are rich in resources, and separated from the rest of the world by The Lotus River and The Boundary Forest, which surround the Greenlands. Their perimeters are guarded by Greenland born residents, which are specially trained incase of emergency and are called Paladins.

    Caldera - Is the city of the rich. They are nicknamed as Nobles. They are a worryless breed, satisfied with only the greatest and most exotic spoils a horse can possibly be given. They own, buy, sell, and trade horses called Darlings, which are luxury companions sold for expensive and extensive prices. Usually, the amount of Darlings a Calderian owns, and/or the brand of the Darling, accounts for their social status. The city is surrounded by a giant wall called the Bastion. On the east side of the city, is a gate- it is patrolled and heavily guarded. This gate allows most good exports and imports, including illegally caught or bred Darlings. Caldera has its own government system, which also governs Bostros. Calderian has soldiers, called Knight Angels.

    Bostros- An extremely densely populated district located near the city of Caldera. They are in no way rich or wealthy, but range from below middle class to poor. Bostros is full of Calderian soliders. They are told the soliders are there to protect them, but in reality, they are there to keep the Bostrodians in line. Bostrodians are nicknamed Meagers. Calderian solders are nicknamed Liliths.

    Un-named - There are many territories in this world that are un-named and barely populated. They have mostly been discovered, but some still remain a mystery.

    There are main and secondary characters. If a character is called Secondary {Progressive}, it means that the character is important later on and may become a main character. There are many other characters besides the main and secondary's, but I rely on the voice actors/actress's casted to cover extra characters, as well as briefly seen characters.  

    This is a long term project, meaning I will ask lines from you over the span of many months. Please keep that in mind. You will be given credit in the description of each video for your voice acting in the series, I can also provide a link to one of your social websites. 

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Thank you. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold