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    About Xenogears Sound and Drama radioplay 2


    I also created a Wordpress website for this project,, which contains the latest script.

    This project resembles game dubbing projects, but is designed as a “radio drama” (or radio play). It's based on the SquareEnix 1998 RPG, Xenogears. The project is meant for people who are visually impaired, and will contain narrative portions that describe characters, scenery and actions, which I will write.


    If you audition to the role of a secondary (100-350 lines) or tertiary (20-100 lines) character, you MUST commit to do AT LEAST half (if more than 200 lines) or ALL (if less than 200 lines) of this character’s lines, or I will not use your recordings (though I may use them in the takeouts videos.) It’s VERY important to me to have consistency for these characters since the primary roles (Fei Citan, Elly, Bart) are so large that I can’t expect to have only one voice for these characters—which will be confusing enough; and having multiple voices for secondary/tertiary characters in addition to that would be even worse. I will expect about 30 lines per month for any character you take up (so the longest you’ll have for recording would be about 12 months.) Thanks for understanding!


    I'm anticipating about 5 chapters every 6 months or so, though the pace will not be consistent, depending on the line submissions. I will be editing chapters as soon as I get all the voices for each chapter.


    1) Record the lines indicated for the character. It’s VITALLY important that you have access to clear, distraction-free recording tools without background noises.

    2) Make sure to contact me if I cast you to a role! AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN NO LONGER DO THE ROLE ASAP SO I CAN OPEN THE ROLE.

    3) For secondary and tertiary characters, I expect you to do ALL the lines for your character to ensure consistency throughout the game. These roles normally are between 100 and 300 lines in length.

    4) For the 4 main characters (Fei, Citan, Bart and Elly) I am hoping that the actors will be able to do all their lines throughout the project. However, because they each have between 1200 and 2800 lines total and since the  project may take up to 5 years, I realistically expect to have more than 1 actor for those parts. Right now these are cast except Bart. If you take these on, I would expect you to do at least 600 lines.



    - Due to the wide geographical area where my actors live, we will not be able to have any skype or group sessions.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold