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About Xenoblade Chronicles 2 FANDUB - (Chapter 1: Encounters)

Hey there! So recently I got into a fantastic game known as Xenoblade Chronicles 2! It was my first in the series and it absolutely blew me away. It was a great time I loved it so much. Anyhow you guys aren't here to listen to me natter on about how much I love this game. So as most of you (hopefully) know Xenoblade Chronicles 2 currently has an existing Japanese and English version of the game. However I think we can all agree that Japanese is the better version. Why you ask? Well it's simple really. The voice performance is really really BAD! Now don't get me wrong I love the English dub, not exactly for the reasons I should but I love it nonetheless. However it is true that the voice work in the game is just simply bad. Characters like Rex, Nia and Mythra have fantastic English voices but are let down by a weak performance in some areas where there shouldn't be.

I can be pretty forgiving when it comes to voice work but when Rex has a scream that literally sounds so half assed it just kind of rips me from the narrative of the game. I have to depend on the sound and visuals to help keep me intertwined with the moment. Not to say that all of the voice work is done bad. Great examples would be the voices for Vandham and Zeke Von Genbu who both deliver fantastic performances and really manage to bring the scene to life with the raw emotion and talent they can showcase.


So I wanna do a fandub of every single cutscenes in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. YES. You heard me. EVERY. SINGLE. CUTSCENE. Am I crazy? Maybe x) But trust me my reasons are pure! ...probably.

What makes me wanna do this?
B. I  want to see justice done to the English dub of the game!
C. Oof editing is my baby and I love sound mixing so much.

Essentially this is a project I really wanna do! However I'm looking at this realistically.  I'm gonna be only dubbing chapter 1 for now as I wanna see how it goes first! This'll be my first time dubbing a lengthy amount of time so I need to take it a step at a time.

How will it work?
Essentially I will be dubbing the chapter in chronological order. So only 1 cut-scene at a time. Once every cut-scene of that chapter is complete, I will put them all together and release the chapter fully fandubbed to my YouTube channel SmugKiraVA

Where do I come into this?
Well of course I'm going to need voices for this project! There are many characters that appear in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and I'll need a lot of people to fill in those roles! For now I'm only going to be putting characters that appear in chapter 1 on this casting call! If I decide to continue to other chapters in the future then I will make other casting call pages for other chapters!


So let's go over some ground rules. Just some stuff to consider.

1. Please have a GOOD microphone : I beg that you please have a good mic. I really want the audio to sound top notch and if your mic sounds like a jet engine then sorry. I won't be able to bring you aboard.

2. Try to have LITTLE TO NO  background noise: Background noise is annoying and can make or break a scene especially. So if you have Hiss, Buzz and Pops, then sorry I won't be able to cast you.

3. Please be FRIENDLY: Nobody likes a sourpuss! Please try and be friendly with the other participants. Remember! Treat others like you would like to be treated!

4. Give it your ALL: Try and give your lines everything you got! Don't hold back! I really want you guys to push yourselves beyond! To really capture that raw, hard hitting emotion!

5. Please be PATIENT with me! Life can get pretty busy and I can't guarantee you that I'll always be working on this project. There may be breaks and hiatuses every so often! That's just something that's bound to happen!

6. Have DISCORD or an EMAIL I can contact you on! That's the only methods I'll be using for communication and sending lines! ^-^

For requirements that's all really! Thank for taking the time to read it!

Note: Also this casting call will stay open until the deadline listed here! So don't worry about having to rush an audition! As long as you audition before the deadline hits then you have just as much as a chance as anyone else!

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day everyone!


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold