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    About World's Greatest Detective - Main and Recurring Cast Auditions - 11M, 4F


    A Batman audio series from CP Studios

    Developed by S.D. Harris and R.A. Warren

    Produced by J.P. Quick

    Batman® is the creation of Bill Finger and Bob Kane, and is owned by DC Comics and Time Warner. The following is a non-profit, unofficial, fan-made production, and is not intended for sale or distribution. Please support all officially-released materials.


    Previous adaptations sought to tell the story of Batman’s early crime-fighting career, but this is usually with a great deal of inconsistency. So, take a moment to look at the bullet points listed below to see where the Caped Crusader stands in the grand scheme of things, and what resources are available to him:

    1. 1. Batman is initially unknown to Gotham at large. He is dismissed as hysteria or a bad drug trip. Bruce Wayne has been back in Gotham City for barely a month at the beginning of the series, and so has spent even less time as his alter-ego. The name “Batman” hasn’t even been chosen yet in-universe.

    2. 2. Most of Batman’s iconic tools of the trade, such as his vehicles, are not present yet. He has the Batcycle, and the Batmobile will arrive late in Season One.

    3. 3. Our serial emphasises Batman’s deductive abilities, but also remembers that he is a vigilante, therefore nothing he provides is legal or admissible in court. The Batsignal is nonexistent. While his investigations are the main focus, he will share some of that focus with Detectives Gordon and Bullock, who will be pursuing their own inquiries, and whose job will be to make the charges stick.

    4. 4. Our serial will be a hardboiled crime drama, at least semi-grounded in reality.

    Regarding Lines

    1. 1. Make sure you have a high-quality or professional-grade microphone, so that quality is relatively consistent and background noise is kept to a minimum.

    2. 2. Please send your lines to [redacted] with the subject line: “WGD Audition”.

    3. 3. Label your files “WGD Audition - [CHARACTER] - [YOUR NAME]”.

    4. 4. Save your lines in an MP3, FLAC, or WAV file, running at 48000Hz, stereo, or as close to that as you can get.

    Know What You’re Getting Into

    If you are cast, please bear in mind that this is a major or recurring role in this series. You will need to be available for recording, re-recording, and over social media. And don’t worry if you aren’t cast - we’ll be holding auditions for each individual story’s guest roles, too, so you can try again.

    About the Creator: cp studios

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold