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    "Have you often wondered what hides out in the darkness also hides out in the light, under a street lamp, where you least expect it? It comes in many forms, and shadows, with teeth."

    F.Y.I: This is by no means a vampire VA!

    WITH TEETH is a major psychological thriller with a horrifying story-line mainly surrounding sci-fi with slasher. I still have a ways to go on writing it, so when you Audition, be prepared to stick around. This Project is strictly for fun, to make friends and for other projects along the line. If you write, or VA and want to mingle with other VAs and writers. Please Audition! This script will be very long, I plan on making it a movie eventually after it is 100% completed, so you will not only have the VA to look forward to but that as well. 
    --A Little about WITH TEETH (without spoilers)--
    BRIAN is not your average guy, things took a major spin after his younger brother, Jared (3 years younger than him)  was born. Their parents, John and Sally are always against eachother. John is an alcoholic and Sally is a perfectionist and lets crap hit the fan half of the time in an attempt to ease the tension within the household. Brian, being the main character is also the protagonist. He faces many demons every day of his ongoing life and half of the time, very unaware of his own actions or of 'what/who' he is. 
    BUG is the lead antagonist in WITH TEETH and definitely someone you'll get to know within halfway of the script. Bug also had a beginning in EP.1 that leads the Episode in a frightening way.
    Brians friends, or 'little group', consist of Dillan, Josh, Vikki and Sarah. They are a tight pair really, sadly Mary-Anne (Brians Girlfriend) only has one part and I won't be listing it for grabs, considering she isn't anything but another extra, I will take her.
    There is more characters to come, so grab these while you can! Once they are filled, I'll send out the other list of characters.

    If you are looking to VA something absolutely frigging scary, I mean, I scared me while writing half of it lol
    Then Audition!

    MUST HAVE SKYPE! And a decent mic, perfection with "noise reduction" isn't necessary, but less noise is highly recommended. You must be able to get loud and innapropriate at times, cursing is an extra.

    This is a very mature VA, just warning you.  So it will be VERY intense.

    p.s. If you take an extra, please audition for other roles, as well. If you audition for lead, audition for other characters as well. If you're interested, it doesn't matter who you audition for.. I'll still find a way to add you.

    Let's have fun :))

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold