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    About Will The Cool Guy(Upcoming Show) Season 1 2

    This comedy show will be about a young adult being there for his family and friends in sims 4  game style.

    Playlist  of Will the cool guy characters and info about them: 


    List of Characters  info:

    Will Collins: Will is a young adult who is always there for his family and friends whenever  they need him to be.

    Joe Collins: Joe is a 11 year old young boy who looks up to his older brother Will Collins and hopes to grow up to be just like him. He is also the young son of Katharine Miden-Collins and younger brother of Will Collins aka “Will The Cool Guy”.

    Katharine Miden-Collins: Katharine is married to Tom Collins and has two sons with him. Their are Will and Joe Collins. She is a nurse a hospital and when she is not working , she loves spending time with her family and friends.

    Mike Tosedi: Mike is the best friend of Will Collins. He loves to rap in his freetime and hanging out with his friends Will and James Carney.

    James Carney: James is a boy who dated girls but recently discover that he is gay. He is the friend of Will Collins and Mike Tosedi.

    Mrs. Helena Randalle: Mrs. Randalle is a teacher who loves taeching her students new things every day and takes tests very serious.

    Candie Flowers: Candie is the sister of Miranda Flowers. She has her own shop called”Glam Style” one in in her hometown and in East Hollywood,L.A. . She also used to date Will Collins.

    Miranda Flowers: Miranda is the younger sister of Candie Flowers. She is a junior in high school and is dating Will Collins. She also hopes to be a writer and film producer.

    Tori Ice: Tori is a very a cheerful and friendly to everyone she is around.

    Tom Santoro: Tom is a very cool  and a nice person  to hang around.

    Ms.Georgia Cane: Ms. Cane is a very cheerful teacher who cares about her students a lot.

    Dennis Carave: Dennis is a young adult who discovers whether not he’s gay or not.

    Young Will Collins: a younger self of 7th grade Will.

    Young James Carney: a younger of 7th grade James

    Principal Thomas: he’s a very stricted principal who make sure the kids are at school on time.

    Doctor Cesar:Doctor Cesar is a doctor who cares about his patients a lot.

    Dane(Driver): Dane is a Driver who travel people around town if they need like Uber and Taxi.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold