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    About Wilde Life: Ch6 Supporting Characters! (Semi Kinetic Comic Series)

    (The video above features our current main and supporting cast)

    Round 2 of auditions has begun. I need some voice actors to fill four new roles in the recent chapter!

    !!I am running auditions across multiple websites. Here is the actual audition count!!

    Zulime: 9
    Kevin: 7
    Carl: 2
    Jay: 3


    Wilde Life is a supernatural/horror/adventure webcomic by Pascalle Lepas, who has granted me permission to dub it. It is a modern-day story of a writer and journalist named Oscar who left Chicago behind for a fresh start in Oklahoma. Little does he know the house he rented is haunted by the ghost of a 1940’s mathematician, who becomes his room mate. The story follows his adventures in the town of Podunk, which he finds to be a hotbed of supernatural activity. You can find the comic here:


    The comic dub will be presented in the style of a comic voice-over video with some kinetic comic elements. Each chapter of the comic will make up one “episode” which will be uploaded to youtube likely on a monthly basis.



    - I ask that all auditionees for Zulime, Carl, and Jay be 18 years or older. People under 18 can audition for Kevin. No exceptions.

     - I recommend against auditioning if sexual themes in a project make you uncomfortable, although they will be watered down and will likely not require any involved acting on your part. Although none of the adult characters here have been involved in such scenes, the comic is still in progress so I can’t confirm whether or not that will change.

     - You must be okay with swearing.

     - The comic contains homosexual relationships. If this bothers you at all, please do not audition. 

     - The comic contains scenes of violence, blood, gore, and body horror (Mostly chapter 5 so far). If this bothers you, it is best not to audition.

     - Condenser mics are preferred, be they USB mics, or mics connected through an external interface. Please no cell phone, headset, or laptop mics. 

     - Please ensure that your recording space isn’t too noisy and doesn’t have a lot of reverb or echo. Subtle ambient noises in the background can be edited out, but noise removal can only do so much. (In the end, if you’re still unsure how your space sounds, just send in your audition anyways. No harm in trying!)

    - Please don't add any effects to your audition (echo, reverb, etc.)

     - If you are cast, please provide your easiest method of contact (ie skype or discord) and/or an email address. 

     - This project will be ongoing for several months, as the comic is not yet complete. Once chapter 6 is complete, it will be a matter of waiting for the next chapter to be finished. Please avoid auditioning if you do not think you can commit in the long term. I will do my best to make sure your recording schedule is not a burden. 

    The deadline for auditions is the end of March 31st. (There will be some wiggle room due to differences in time zones, so don’t worry, but please try to submit your auditions before the deadline.) Best of luck to everyone and thanks for taking an interest in the project!

    About the Creator: sixfootblue

    I'm a blue guy on the internet who wants to make cool things that people enjoy, while having fun doing it. Voice acting's just one of the ways I can pull that off.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold