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    About Wild Chant [original language and songs]

    Wild Chants are a collection of poem/songs written in a custom language! It's used for a race of people I call the derv-ik, or Wilders.  I've worked on this language for a while now, and think it's at a point I can have outside help with it. I'm not asking anyone to learnt he whole language or anything of the sort, I'll have a littler script. 

    As the name suggest, Wilders are a well, wild type of people and are warriors that give off a fierce appearance and sound. So tough voices, that can pack a punch and a good amount of sass if need be! The chants, which are what I'm calling their songs, are still a work in progress, I've got lyrics of a sort, though I'm very open to experimentation with it!

    Because of this, I feel it'd be best to break this up in a few different sections.

    Since there's a learning curve with these positions, if you apply and I like you I will send you a pm about information for you to read about the position you are taking. Then we can practice (for voice actors and singers, the sound of the language), and then if you feel like it's something you can tackle, we can continue from there! I'm looking for more than on position in quite a few of these, so don't fret about that!

    Voice Actors --

    I'll explain the sounds of the language as best as I can, with clips of my own voice giving sounds and tips and such, as well as a google doc for easy access. I'd like to have voice actors to read some lines, you don't have to apply for the singing portion if you don't like to! A good range of voices and emotions would greatly help you, there's no set voice, and I'm looking for all kinds of sounds and voices for this project! Feel free to get experimental and creative with the voices, I want it to feel full of life!


    As mentioned, it's experimental at this point! I have very little song experience, so you're free to just roll with it. Generally, the sounds are to be emotional, some sad or depressing, some lighthearted and fun sounding, many to be aggressive and close to rock and the like. 

    Right now I'm planning to use these for a small vn / game project I've been working on. It's still very early in the project but it's developing nicely!


    Communication is key, through email or discord, discord preferred! Please include your discord username in the audition if you are comfortable.

    We'll start on a practice recordings, making sure you can pronounce the language. I don't mind lower quality recordings at this point, as long as I can hear you, I don't mind a little background noise. But afterwards, I'd like a clear and high quality recording as a final!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold