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Abridged 2 Far's Previously Completed Works
    About Who Jr Episode 1 (Re-Cast)

    I am sure those of you in the Brony Community have heard of a series called Doctor Whooves and Assistant But now it is time for the next generation to have adventures across time and space

    Meet Dinky Doo and Doctor Whooves Jr (the children of the doctor and Derpy) who using their fathers T.A.R.D.I.S Will travel through time and space, Encountering creatures once unknown to Equestai and Visiting areas in history not known to Pony Kind.

    This is Who Jr

    At the moment this is being produced as an Audio Drama but at some point in the future we hope to get it animated (But that is a long way off)

    We ask that you have a skype account as A skype group will be made for this and also ask that any and all lines needed be done by a given deadline (But an extension may be given)

    So good luck with your auditions and I look forward to working with you if you get the part.

    (2 of the voice actors were unable to do there roles so in light of this I have to re-cast their characters.)

    (I am looking for artist to provide visual imagery for the episode.....more details about amount of art needed can be provided upon request.)

    About the Creator: abridged-2-far

    My name is Abridged-2-Far, An interesting and slightly weird name for a Casting call profile and a YouTube Channel.

    I have a YouTube channel which I use to make an abridged series for the legend of Zelda and I also make Digimon/My Little Pony Ending Credits.

    As for my voice acting, I am not much of a natural voice actor, I have very little talent with those voices, (I only have a few natural voice but I do give good emotion) But I prefer to use vocal modulated voices, they can be good if you look past the digital sound of the voice.

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this small description of myself and I hope you like any of the voices I can do. (Modulated or not)