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    About When Autumn Leaves Fall || Sims 2 Voice Over Movie

    When Autumn Leaves Fall




    Hello everyone! I am so excited to start working on this Movie and listening to everyone’s auditions. There are a few things that I want to mention though. The first thing is that this Movie will not be coming out until April of 2018. This is so I can enter it in the Spring SIFF and not fall incredibly behind like I did with my previous project. The second thing I wanted to mention is that the title of this Movie may very well change. I’m not 100% in love with the title it has now and may change it in the future when the script is fully written.

    Good luck!

    Important Update!

    When Autumn Leaves Fall is now a paid project! This is because the script has now hit 80 pages and I couldn’t possibly ask my voice actors to record that much for free. The pricing for each character will obviously differ depending on the importance of the character and how much dialogue they have.

    Now I know that some voice actors don’t want to be paid and that’s fine. If you are casted but don’t want to accept the money offer, just let me know in advance so I can mark you down.

    Also, I know not everyone has a paypal (I myself only recently got one), to compensate for this, TheOnlyException has suggested that instead actors can receive game gifts instead. As in, I will buy a game for you on Steam that’s within the price range of your payment.


    Due Date: To Be Determined

    Email: [redacted]



    • Clear Mic

      • I would like to be able to hear your voice clearly and understand what is being said

    • Dedication

      • I’ve had voice actors drop out of my VO projects one episode into the series. And finding a replacement is a long and painful process that I honestly don't want to deal with.

    • Patience

      • I’m slow when it comes to making Sims Machinima. Especially when it comes to a Movie Project that is well over 50+ pages long. I try to keep my cast updated the best I can so please have the patience to tolerate this film not coming out until next year. (April of 2018)

    • Use Emotion & Emphasis

      • I don’t think I need to explain this one that much. Just don’t sound like a robot and you’ll make a good impression. :3

    • Meet Deadlines

      • I’ll be sending lines out the second the script is done, and the deadline won’t be for a few months after that. You may turn in lines at anytime between receiving the script and the deadline given.

      • If you need an extension on your lines, let me know. But as I said, you’ll have a good few months to record, so there really shouldn’t be any need to ask for one.

    • Communication

      • If I send you an email, or message, I would like a reply to, at the very least, acknowledge that you’ve seen it.

      • If you have any questions about how I may want you to portray a character feel free to ask me, unless I’m at work I will usually reply immediately.





    Jonas’s parents died when he was just a child, leaving him to care for his young sister under the roof of their Uncle. Jonas spends a majority of the time studying to get a good scholarship and the rest of his time working to help ends meet. Aside from his childhood friend, Ulrich, Jonas keeps to himself and avoids communication with others. That is, until, he meets Allie. A very energetic and loud girl who accidentally hits Jonas with her bike. Afterwards, it seems she starts to follow him around, demanding him to tutor her....

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask. As stated above I will usually reply as soon as possible unless I am at work. :D

    Good luck everyone and I can't wait to hear your auditions! <3

    Also, I want it to be stated that I have recently changed computers and I'm slowly getting use to filming on this desktop. So by the time I start filming this movie (which won't be for a long while) my skills will mostly likely have improved.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold