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Julieparkvo's Previously Completed Works

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    About Welcome to the Clearing TEST VOICES- Horror/Psychological Otome Visual Novel

    Before you continue reading this is casting call, this is made on behalf of the creator. 

    WARNING: This is NOT the official casting, this is only a TEST. The creator wants to have TEST voices while she is programming. She won't need too many lines, so its not really a whole lot of work. The official casting call will take place when the game is mostly finished, to ensure that the game will be completed for sure. Expect the game to be in near complete within 6 months.  HOWEVER if you are chosen to be one of the test voices, you will STILL be paid, through PAYPAL ONLY

    When we are listening to auditions, we are looking for people with clean mics:
    No background noise
    No puffs/huffs

    Thank you for understanding : D

    Join our Discord:

    Follow us on twitter:

    If any question, contact ONLY me through discord: Julie Park#8173 

    If you prefer to audition privately, please email: AT (make sure to replace the AT with a @) 

    Here is a message from the creator: 

    Hello, everyone. If possible I would like to only be called Goat. Thank you very much.

    m((_ _))m I am the creator of Studio OwO - Where dreams are made of Memes

    I have worked as concept artist in the entertainment industry for many years now for the most part with Video Games in world leading studios all over the world on some of the biggest games but mostly around Japan. I have roots in fine art but appreciate and do all art. In my spare time I have co-developed games mostly for Japanese.

    Otome visual novels are my guilty pleasure. Maybe because I am forever lonely.
    Last year I was working on California and I got into the voice acting community. My English was very bad but I received a lot of helped and improved. I had very good memories, even if I was mostly busy with work. I used to want to give back to the community that treated me nicely back then and give away prizes like Crispin Freeman Voice acting classes and microphones.

    Now I decided to make a visual novel in my spare time so some of you can get a chance to do some acting!

    For this Visual novel, I am writing and programming and directing things in general. I am leaving all art assets to my student who I have been mentoring in art for a year now. She has only been drawing for a year and a half but is improving very quickly. We are very good friends and we both work hard. I trust her with my life. She is more for animation, but she sees this as a fun challenge and so do I because I am not a good programmer or writer (Japanese person writing English visual novel??? What went wrong). As you can see she is still very inexperienced and far from professional level artist but she will do her best and I will too. Please cheer us on.

    We are making this game for fun. We want a friendly, fun and casual environment but still be able to produce something, we can be satisfied with and look as close to Japanese professional standard as possible (good luck haha).

    The game is a bit different from typical Otome visual novel, but that is part of the fun. To try something new and unique. If we fail at least we fail together.

    If you are looking for a super professional work environment, maybe we are not your best choice. We just try to have fun because we love telling stories.

    We will try to fund this game through Kickstarter later on.

    I do not need money so whatever the Kickstarter makes will be budgeted to my art student, the voice actors and other people who are working with us. Anything else I pay myself.

    This casting call is for samples that I need to experiment while programming. The casting call for the game will take place when the game is almost finished. Expect six months or so. I am busy and only have very few hours each day to work on it. Please respect this.

    I am choosing to remain invisible in this process because of incidents during my time developing. Please respect this and do not try to contact me unless emergency and please respect I have a full time job that takes most of my time. I am not available for art mentorship or portfolio reviews for the rest of this year. Please do not ask. Thank you.

    This game is based on a real story from a friend of mine. Everything is inspired by real people or events.

    Ellie Park is a short, flat-chested, unruly teenager with a neglected ADHD diagnosis who has spent most of her life abroad due to her father's work. She has been expelled from every exclusive private school there is around Europe, and it's tearing on her relationship with her parents.

    When she finally returns to California, she thinks she's being forced to go on a "road trip" vacation, which she believes is a last resort from her parents to save their declining marriage. But things are not what they seem to be, and she soon finds herself trapped in a place much darker and twisted than she could ever imagine. And so begin the longest and most important six months of her life.

    This game deals with dark and serious themes, tackling the issue of the enormous stigma on mental illness, the worth of a life,  and what happens to the "out of control" teens that no one wants to deal with.

    This game is non-commercial. Freeware.

    Thank you for reading.
    I look forward to working with you.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold