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Kojie2u's Previously Completed Works

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    About 【Wavelength】 (Small singing group casting!)

    IDOLS! That's what we are! I think? Well, anyway, whatever we are, we are going to have fun while we're at it. At doing that. At doing the thing we are! I'm Kojie2u, my Youtube channel is Kojie2u1 I love doing parodies and voice acting, I've started having a liking for covering songs, recently, and even though I have been singing for a while, I just at least got decent at it. I have another group called "Maverick Party" which has been inactive for a bit, but we're trying to get things done. (We do choruses over there.) Please don't fear me, I don't really bite, and if I do, it's rarely. I'd like the group to be friendly in a way, with productivity coming here and there. I had a nice idea of having a small group to sing with, not really a chorus, we can write our own lyrics for songs, and we can just screw around if we want to, for a bit. The songs we cover will depend on our group's choice, most of the time, unless we're absolutely stuck and I have to take the lead. I'm looking for one or two males and females to sing with, if we want to do a chorus, we'll do a chorus, if we want to do seperate covers, but collab together; we'll do so.

    I am not sure on what language we will sing; it may be a mix; again, depending on the group and the song, we'll just make our own choices up for that.

    I'd prefer to mix on my own, so I can get better with each vocal track I mix; but if anyone is willing to be a helper for some of us, please do help! 

    These rules must be followed when auditioning.

    Have a decent quality microphone, I do not want to hear a bunch of static and screaming from the hood in your recording. Soft background static is okay, it happens to me too, I use noise removal to cancel it out on Audacity. However; bumps or any of that sort, like actual background noise you can't remove; is not an exception. The only time when I would accept it is if we're doing some kind of group parody, and it's instructed or helps to whatever we're doing for that. 

    Do not over pitch your voice; the max I will allow anyone to pitch their voice is 3 up or down. Sometimes our voice doesn't come on like how it would normally be; I understand, I find it okay to do this, just don't overdo it.

    If you wanna be in the project, actually be in the project. If something comes up, that's fine, but be active, or at least try. We don't want many people holding up our stuff. 

    Autotune is okay to use while auditioning, I use it to mix my vocals, (I don't overdo it, though,) and I think it's a wonderful effect to be used, as long as it doesn't sound too unnatural and takes away the emotion in your voice that is needed.

    Be respectful to once another, and don't HISS at each other all the time. Arguments happen, yes, but I expect everyone to at least be able to work together. If you've got a problem with another member, you can tell me, and tell me your reasons, I'll try to figure some stuff out, unless you people would like to beef it out, against each other.

    Have a Skype! There's going to be a Skype group for us all to hang out and talk about generally anything we'd like to talk about. I don't mind there being chatter and a bit of spam in the chat, but when there's something as important as a new chorus, I expect to be taken at least a little seriously, and not be ignored.

    Have fun with auditioning, and have fun in the group! Work hard, joke hard! If you have any questions, email me at [redacted] or message me on Skype at Kojie2u.

    Fun note; I'll be casting based on ability and how much potential I think you'll have or already have. You don't have to be great, you just have to have passion in the way you're singing.

    Another fun note; the logo is pretty blurry because I accidentally made the resolution 1600x900 instead of something like 1280x720 so I just downscaled it to 500x500 so it could fit on here, it fits pretty good, I think. Pretty good.

    (Sorry for being so active on this site lately. xD)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold