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About Water☆Lotus [ENG/JP Idol/Anime Cover Group] 『HANAMARU & RIN/STAFF NEEDED!』

『Welcome to my casting call! 』
Hello everyone~! You may or may not know me, but my name is Skai! I've created this casting call for my friend, Hiragi, who is the manager of this wonderful group. About a month ago we've decided to create this as a fun little project between just us two, but now we have 4 members in total! We've decided to make this CC to scout the remaining 5 members needed to complete Water☆Lotus!  

We have already released a few videos, mainly duets including myself and Hiragi. We plan to release group covers, trios, duets, and even solos!

【We will be uploading our content on this YouTube channel. 
1) Please have a decent microphone! We'd prefer there to be barely any background noise/static so it's easier to mix! 
2) Have a decent knowledge of idol/anime. We will mainly be covering Love Live songs but we'll also sing Aikatsu, anime OP/ED, etc.
3) Please have a Discord account as we will be communicating there! Without once, we won't be able to chat as a group.
4) Make sure you're not extremely busy with a million projects and groups. We would love to cast those who are dedicated and willing to active.

As I mentioned before, we are in need of 5 female vocalist! We also would like to have staff such as mixers, animators, sprite editors, artist, etc. If you audition for a vocalist role and can help out with staff, you'll have a higher chance of being cast!

〖Current Members & Staff
Chika/Honoka: Hiragi
Riko/Umi: Skai
You/Hanayo: Marii
Ruby/Kotori: Kara
Kanan/Nozomi: Charity
Dia/Eli: Jas
Yoshiko/Maki: Sakura
Mari/Nico: Illya Qutesy  
Mixer: Skai & Hiragi       Lyricist: Kara & Hiragi
Animator: Skai/Illya/Charity   Sprite Editor: Skai/Illya/Charity


We are going to be a laid back group, but even so all members should be active and having fun! We don't want everyone stressing over deadlines and such, but please be committed! Thank you and I hope you find an interest to audition!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold