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About Watchmen: Chapter 11 - The Enhanced Motion Comic

Join me on my quest to Adapt the Unadaptable. 
'Watchmen: Motion Comic Mini-Series' is meant to be an unforgiving, violent, thought-provoking and a true adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons classic novel. 
I mean to treat the atmosphere and tone of the iconic story accurate to the pages, giving it an 70-80's crime noir drama feel to it.
This is not your regular superhero story, but a serious, psychological crime saga that not only features groundbreaking and relatable characters and smartly written dialogue, but the story also deconstructs the superhero genre in itself. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons made us ask existential questions about ourselves as human beings and the inevitably flawed concept of superheroes;
What is the ultimate goal? Can the world truly be saved, and at what cost? Can the endless cycle of human suffering possibly end?
Does anything ever truly end?
It's an iconic story about the ultimate sacrifice that deserves to be told accurate to Alan Moore's initial writing.
Let's create something truly unforgiving, remarkable and that will stick with the audience, yet excite them in all the right ways. 
Let's try to Adapt something Unadaptable.
Even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise.
Also, since HBO's 'Watchmen' is a continuation of the novel, this series could stand as the perfect backstory for anyone not yet affiliated with the source material.

This series is meant to meant to serve as an updated, and superior version of the official DC Comic's Motion Comic adaptation of Watchmen. While there is no animation in the project, unlike the officially released version, delicate care will be present in this adaptation of mine, where we have a fully fletched out cast doing all the voices of the characters, and music, an original score and cinematic-quality pacing and talent throughout. Let's create something remarkable out of sheer talent and passion.

What is 'Watchmen' about? 
On October 1985, New York City detectives are investigating the murder of Edward Blake. With the police having no leads, costumed vigilante Rorschach decides to probe further. Discovering Blake to have been the true identity of The Comedian, a costumed hero employed by the U.S. government, Rorschach believes he has discovered a plot to terminate costumed adventurers and sets about warning four of his retired comrades: Dan Dreiberg (formerly the second Nite Owl), the superpowered and emotionally detached Jon Osterman (codenamed Doctor Manhattan) and his lover Laurie Juspeczyk (the second Silk Spectre), and Adrian Veidt (once the hero Ozymandias, and now a successful businessman). 

I have scripts for all the actors to get their hands on if you get cast, you'll have the opportunity to delve deeper into the character and, to of course, practice and record your dialogue in private.
Then when you're done with your takes, you'll send them in to a specific e-mail address that only I have access to. When I have all the dialogue, I will personally edit the project together. 
How long it will take for me to complete it, only time will tell. Then when the project is finished you will be credited in the end credits, and you'll have my permission to use the project as a reference as one of your completed works.
The video will be uploaded to YouTube, and edited through Sony Vegas. 
(This is a casting call for the eleventh chapter)
If you have any further questions, please leave a comment.
Be creative, and let your voice be heard.

About the Creator: carrymeohio

Director, editor of;

-The Walking Dead: Motion Comic Series (Volume 1)
-Batman: Arkham Asylum - Audio Drama
-Watchmen: The Enhanced Motion Comic Series (Chapter I-12)

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