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Kathrina Csernis's Previously Completed Works

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About Warlock - AudioDrama + webtoon dub

[[The manga can now be read here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/warlock/that-night/viewer?title_no=315487&episode_no=1]]


{This project contains mature content, please be comfortable with mature language}

Warlock is a HUGE fantasy series currently consisting of 6 novels, or 28 volumes. Our fan base is a decent size already and we're working on expanding to many media types. We've got an audio book/visual novel hybrid going on as well as a graphic novel. Comic dubs are now in the works as well as manga dubs.

About the series

Warlock is based in medieval times in a world full of magic, mystery and danger. A 400 year long war has pushed humanity to near extinction, forcing them to hide behind walls from the dangers of Alvenguard. A powerful, magical race called Warlocks have taken over Alvenguard after winning the war, hunting Humans and treating them like cattle. Warlocks feed off the energy of other living things, mainly Humans, to survive. Warlocks are also created from Humans, Seers or Mages, so their numbers are limitless.

In central Alvenguard, a particular Warlock clan exists. The clan is ruled by a power-hungry mad man named Gahi. He is known for destroying hundreds of Human settlements and his involvement in the war. He and his clan reside within a Kingdom that once belonged to Humanity's only hope, the Teshika, a clan of humanoids with the ability to turn into dragons. But the Teshika have vanished after the loss of the war, leaving Humanity to defend themselves.

The story begins when the main character, Kathrina, escapes from Gahi. Warlocks are compelled to follow their leader, but somehow, she escaped that control. She has been on the run from Gahi for almost two years, unable to return to the Warlock Kingdom - and since Warlocks have their memories wiped when created, Kathrina has no idea who or what she was before she became a Warlock. She sets out in Central Alvenguard to search for answers and to try and find out who she is and where she came from.

Along the way, she meets Tsunami, a loud-mouthed Seer (Humans with little magic ability) who instantly falls for her. Kathrina was already on her way to this Seer's city to take on a contract to kill a Werewolf, so he escorts her. The pair soon form an agreement; Tsunami offers to help Kathrina find the answers she's looking for, so long as she sticks around - can you blame the guy? He fell head over heels in love with her almost five minutes after meeting her. Kathrina reluctantly agrees and proceeds to deal with the Werewolf she came to hunt. 

After Kathrina proves herself to be on the Human's side and not that of the Warlocks, the story really starts to unveil. The pair form a group of allies who then start to plan a counter attack against Gahi to try and take back the land he stole from the Humans. Kathrina, being a Warlock herself, knows valuable information that could give Humanity a chance to fight back. Everyone begins to believe that she may be the key to a successful counter strike, especially since she later brings home one of her old friends - who just so happens to be the series most powerful protagonist, Elijah.

Tsunami instantly despises Elijah, seeing him as a rival in his conquest to gain Kathrina's affections. But sadly for Tsunami, Elijah is Kathrina's life-long love whom she can't remember after becoming a Warlock. As the story progresses, Kathrina starts to fall in love with him all over again.

The newly formed group of allies eventually set out on their journey to take down Gahi. Kathrina also learns that if the Warlock that created her is killed, the Warlock magic will be removed from her, returning her memories. Everyone is on board with her plan to kill Gahi and take back Central Alvenguard - well, some - like Alpha - are just there for the thrill of killing, whereas others, like Elijah, are just there for Kathrina. Along the way, the group unfolds, revealing who they are, what they are - and their true intentions. 

However, it soon turns out that Gahi might not be their biggest problem as a rivalry breaks out between Tsunami, Alpha and Elijah, causing discord within the group. Eventually, though, they do reach Gahi, and they commence their battle plan. But once they end the maniacal Warlock, they learn that he was just the beginning of a huge journey. 

Gahi was one of ten Elementals, powerful, immortal beings connected to Alvenguard's greatest oppressor, Lucious. Lucious is protecting an immensely powerful gateway with a God concealed within, a God that the group are now tasked with freeing. Of course, Lucious doesn't want that, so he goes up against the group. Our group of protagonists must slay all nine other Elementals if they want to stop Lucious and free the God from the Gateway, but it won't be easy. These Elementals are immortal, the only thing capable of killing them being a specific sword, one that only Kathrina and Elijah can wield. 

The group face Japanese Legends, Werewolves, Vampires - including Alucard himself - Demons, Witches, Mages, Wizards and revolting undead monsters known as Lurkers. They travel all over the world to many locations including Japan, Transylvania, Germany, France and even the Philippines. There's never any time for this group to rest, but they live for the fight, so in the end, its all good.

Along the way, not only do they face many perils, but they face heartbreak and pain. They lose friends, family and learn that sometimes, sacrifice is necessary. Many of the characters change along the way too; where some like Elijah become Godly beings, others become some of the world's most memorable people. Some become rulers, others become the last hope for their species, and one particular character turns heel after losing the person he cares most about.

As they come closer to their end goal, however, a unexpected turn of events makes them question whether they're on the right side or not.

(Book 6 is still in progress of being written)

[God, if you read all that, congrats, its a lot to read, but it was the shortest way I could summarise this entire season 1]


Our team is ever growing! We're always on the lookout for additional help and new roles are added near enough every week!

The video is a clip above is something we recently completed!

All credit is given to the voice actors. This is an unpaid project at the moment, but if it starts to get more attention then pay will be given!

We need dedicated people able to give in their lines in no more than twenty days after they've been issued.

The project contains mature content and certain characters will be for 18+ only.

Pronunciation - there are some words in the auditions that you might not know how to pronounce, so, here's how ya say 'em:

Daegelus - Day-jel-us

Eurie - Yu-ree

Rakshasa - Rak-sha-sa

Teshika - Tesh-ee-ka

Letholdus - Lee-fol-dus

Ephriel - Eff-ree-el

Tulitque Helias - Too-lit-kay Hee-lee-as

About the Creator: Kathrina_Csernis

So I'm mainly an artist, here's a link to my Deviantart - https://www.deviantart.com/kathrina-csernis?rnrd=249655

I don't usually draw for free, but I don't ask ridiculous prices either. If you want to hire me for a project, then we can discuss and negotiate prices and planning then. 

I specialise mostly in drawing characters in an anime style, but I can draw literally anything upon request.

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