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About Walk Down Memory Laine [NEW CHARACTERS]

[PLEASE NOTE BEFORE READING FURTHER: This casting call will be updated periodically. Due to the severity of certain roles, we have to post the casting call tonight, but please check back to see new additions to the list! There will be a few more than listed now.]

Hello and good afternoon/morning to all!

We're Skyyeline Dynamics! As our profile says, we work on making audio dramas, specifically Walk Down Memory Laine. We are looking for voice actors for the new characters of this series. These characters deserve a bit of attention, since they will probably be used quite often. Also, for the people who want to know, you will mainly be working with 3 people from our group!
- BJ Grete (audio editor, video editor)
- Bobby Ewing (Uploads episodes to YouTube and manages social media)
- Addilynn Skyye (Creator and director of Walk Down Memory Laine)

We made this casting call for all the new characters coming soon in the series, but one in particular that needs to be done most urgently is Kazimir. He is in a new special episode for the series, as well as episode 4, so we can't continue the series until we have a new Kazimir voice.

If you're planning on voicing any of the characters listed, please feel free to audition! Just make sure your audition meets the following requirements:

- You must be at least 15 years old to audition. Skyyeline has had bad encounters in the past with voice actors under this age. There was one in particular we don't want to mention. If you're an extra and you're under 15, we may consider, as long as you seem professional and you meet all other requirements.
- No laptop microphones. Phone microphones/recordings are fine. In fact, our voice actress for Alexandra (Jenelle) uses her iPhone to record all her lines! We're not looking for perfection, just something that we can easily manipulate to sound professional.
- No background noise. We are making this a rule because we want the series to sound as professional as possible. Our audio editor can edit out a small amount of background noise, but a lot of background noise may make your voice sound robotic and therefore not the quality we're looking for.
- Be serious about your audition. Troll auditions will be immediately declined and any further auditions afterwards will not be considered.
- [Not required] Like talking with your fellow voice actors/actresses? We have a Skype group for members of the cast and crew. Should you be accepted and you get the role you've auditioned for, feel free to ask for my Skype name so that I may add you to the Skype group we have set up! Basically, have a Skype account!

Also, as always, we are leaving a spot for voice actors and actresses to play as extras. If you don't have an account on Casting Call Club, you can always email us your audition at skyyeline.productions (Gmail). Any other questions can be posted as comments on this casting call or sent to us directly!

Either way, have fun everyone!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold