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About Walk Down Memory Laine

Hi, voice actors and actresses!

This casting call is for Skyyeline Dynamics's new and upcoming series, Walk Down Memory Laine. We have been working on this project since December of 2016 and we're almost positive that everyone watching will love the series (almost) as much as the creator herself!

Background information:
Addilynn Skyye, creator of Walk Down Memory Laine, previously had an audioseries called "Manchester's Nightmare". The plot still had a few kinks in it and, before fully finishing and editing the plot, she decided to release it to the world. Big mistake.
Eventually, she hit a brick wall and couldn't think of how to write the third episode. She decided from this negative experience she would need to plan better for her next audioseries...

...So she tried again.

Walk Down Memory Laine takes place in the same world as Manchester's Nightmare, but the events that happen in the show are more recent than the events from its original series.

We started production in 2016 and, with over 6 months of preparation, we will finally be ready in the next few months to introduce the new and improved series to the world of YouTube!

Main Plot:
This series revolves a lot around supernatural creatures and magic. Vederic Laine, a vampire and a former villain, has spent 200 years in "The Abyss". "The Abyss" is the most horrific and feared jail in the Supernatural Realm, made for only the worst villains. After his long wait, he gets bailed out by his former enemies, The Circle. Now, he must fight with the people he hated to bring peace back to the Supernatural Realm... by killing his ex-wife, now-corrupt Queen, Alexandra Laine.

We previously casted on Casting Call Club, but it has been such a long time that our former voice actors/actresses are most likely not available. We are casting a second time to make sure that we can get voices for the series.

Another reason we are putting up a new casting call is because our former voice actor for Vederic, Damian Ortiz, has had to step down from his role due to personal matters in his life. We are proud that we got to work with him through Manchester's Nightmare and we got his help developing the earlier story for WDML (2015 - 2017). But, as they say, "The show must go on!"

We are casting all of our voice actors and actresses now so that if one steps down that's expected to play later in the series, we have enough time to get a replacement and continue on with the series.

We have given recommendations for the way we think a voice should sound, but if we think something's better than our recommendation, we will cast that voice instead! Do not rely solely on what we think the voice should sound like. We'd like to hear everyone's different takes on it. Also given in the description is the episode of the character's first appearance and how important they are to the story. (Also, if they don't have many lines, it will be noted.)

- You MUST be 15 or older to audition.
- (Optional) We would appreciate if everyone auditioning has Skype available to them. 
- No auditions will be accepted using cheap laptop headsets (ex. Logitech) or laptop microphones. (Smartphone microphones are absolutely fine.)
- Act professional and be polite to other voice actors/actresses. Any fights in the comments between auditioner(s) will result in the auditioner(s) being disqualified from receiving the role they auditioned for.
- Improving on lines is fine (and you can add in your own lines if you think they fit the character!) but please, don't leave out the lines we've given.
- Any auditions sent in after the due date will not be accepted.

... We don't mean to seem mean in making these rules for auditioning; we just want to make sure that we can give the listeners the best quality possible.

If you'd like to audition but you don't have an account on Casting Call Club, you can also:
1.) Visit our casting call on BTVA here.
2.) Send us an email with your lines on it at skyyeline.productions (Gmail).

~ Addilynn Skyye and our staff at Skyyeline Dynamics + Tack Tech Films ~

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