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    About Voltron Legendary Covers (MALES NEEDED!)

    Hello, everyone! This is a fun project I've decided to start, all because my brain had decided to make a few parodies. I would love to do various song covers/parodies, possibly some fic readings/comic dubs, and even some sketch parodies as well.

    Musical Theatre nerds rejoice! Because there will be a lot from a variety of different shows. However, there will be many contemporary songs thrown in if needed for certain characters.

    DISCLAIMER: you do not need to be a stellar singer to be a part of this! I'm listening to your voice- not how well you can nail these songs. So don't worry!

    I know projects like this can be intimidating, but I promise you don't have to be. I'm looking more for your voice and character rather than how talented of a singer you are. Even if you're an incredible singer, you still may not fit the character. Basically, if you can carry a tune, you're good to go!

    Feel free to audition for as many characters as you'd like. I try to refrain from double-casting to give as many people as possible the opportunity to be a part of this. However, there may be times when a double-cast may be appropriate.

    More characters will pop up as we do more as a series. Most of these may only pop up a couple of times. However, they're all a lot of fun and auditions for them will be posted when the time comes.

    This IS a long-term project- Especially if all of you are interested in other things as well. I already have some songs lined up as well as a sketch or two that would be a lot of fun. 

    We WILL be using Discord during the project to communicare and submit files, but feel free to PM me here if you have any questions about auditioning/the project. 

    Good luck to all of you! 

    Despite what CCC says, the role of KEITH KOGANE is back open.

    We're on our way! Congratulations to the lovely VA's who have been casted so far! I will be in touch with you soon.

    LANCE MCLAIN/CORAN- Tangora998
    KATIE "PIDGE" HOLT- Theatre6irl

    PRINCE LOTOR- pyrosprite45
    MATTHEW HOLT- Lex Indigo

    SAMUEL HOLT- Srgnt ReD
    BLUE LION- nekochu
    GREEN LION- saskyun
    YELLOW LION- PlainStain
    ROMELLE/EZOR- thetricksterdecives
    AXCA- katastrofree

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold