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About Voices on the Rocks, VA Podcast [Must be of Legal Drinking Age]

If video doesn't work: https://youtu.be/KSc69oXIv88

Disclaimer: By auditioning for this project you are certifying that you are of legal drinking age and will comply with the drinking laws of your applicable country/jurisdiction. If you are found to have been lying you will be kicked from the project. If your age is in doubt, I reserve the right to ask you to sign a document to confirm it before/after accepting you.

Hello Everyone! My name is Feltheleb, and this will be my first project on CCC.  In the spirit  of the amazing and fun Voice Actors I have met during my time in the community, I have created a Voice Acting Drinking Game!

Voices on the Rocks will be an episodic, Youtube-based podcast in which the Voice Actors and the Voice Master will play out the drinking game, the rules of which can be found in the video above. 

Check out my editor Dylan here

Needed to audition:
-Basic editing software (Audacity or higher)
-An active email

What will we be reading?

The first episode will be a parody of anime where the characters are based on condiments. I am in the editing stages of the piece to be read. I have already had the piece read with a couple of close friend voice actors who have enjoyed reading it. It will be posted as an update on here when it is completed. 

What level of quality mic should I have?
- Hard tech wise, I will prefer a USB mic or above. ADDITIONALLY, you must have some knowledge of basic editing techniques (noise removal, equalization, etc.) I have employed an editor, but, as we will be working with larger files, it will be extremely helpful if you are able to improve the quality of your audio on a basic level. That said, you should do well to ensure that your audio is free of background noise, pops, clicks and other basic problems.

How will this work?
-We will meet on discord on a predetermined date. Each actor will receive a copy of the rules as well as the material we will be reading. Every VA will record their own voice during the duration of the game. You will do some simple editing to your parts and then send the file to the editor, who will splice them together and add them to a video. 

What is the commitment like?
- You will be needed for  at least (1) one hour of recording some time on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday in the months following the end of this project as well as for a preliminary meeting on discord. I will be flexible with the timing and consideration of those cast. You would only be committing to one episode, with the option to continue on if you enjoyed the project. 

Will you be casting for other episodes?
- Yes. While I hope to cast 3-4 in this casting call alone, I will certainly be looking at all auditions and reaching out to other voice actors over Private Message in consideration for future episodes. 

What material will we be working with? Anything 18+?
-I will be writing the material. As the Voice Master, I will be acting as a sort of GM for the voice actors in the group, building the world. The stories that I will write will not contain any overly sexually graphic content. Stories may contain acts of violence. It is my assumption (due to the improvised nature of the game) that Voice Actors may swear. Swearing, while not discouraged in game, will be censored in the final product.
-On the chance that I do not write the material, I will check make sure the material applies to the rules above.

What is the time frame for this project?
-I would like to have the first episode out at least two months following the ending of this Casting Call at the latest. Obviously, this will be contingent upon the schedules of the Actors. 

How long will the intended final project be?
- Each episode is hoped to be between 20-30 minutes long. Each episode will be posted to YouTube in two parts. (There will be an intermission period when recording for voice actors to compose themselves.)

I want to audition, but have safety concerns.
-As the Vocal Master (and author of the material) I will ensure that the game is set up in a way so that Actors will not drink to excess. The game, like all games, is meant to be for fun and NOT to make drinking a punishment. Actors are never forced to take hard alcohol and are encouraged to drink at their own pace. ADDITIONALLY, I will be providing a disclaimer before the video as well as providing alcoholic support and information materials in every video description. 

If you have any questions or would like to submit an audition outside of this site, please check the video above

About the Creator: Feltheleb

Graduate student, doing this as a hobby. 

I have enjoyed acting all my life, and I hope to continue that here. I am also a fan of writing and editing, so if you need an editor hit me up!

Find me on twitter: @Feltheleb

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold