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    About Voiceover for Short Video *School Project*

    I am seeking a voice over for a school project that is a case study video. The video will be explaining an app that has safety features built in. Seeking a voice actor that is male or female with an American voice. I would like the voiceover to between 1 minute 30 seconds- 2 minutes long. I want the video to be light-hearted even though this covers some serious topics. If you have any questions please message me. 


    We all wonder what if.

    What if I go on a hike alone and hurt my leg? 

    What if something bad happens at work?

    What if the day-care is trying to call me?

    In all these situations, being able to call for help could save your life.

    But what if your phone has no battery left?

    Tile’s new PlanBot allows you to be located easily in case of an emergency using its special phone case and safety features.

    All you have to do is open the Tile app, and select PlanBot to choose your emergency preferences.

    This way you can decide when you want your phone to power off,

    what apps you want to be disabled to reserve power,

    who to notify if you’re in an emergency, 

    and who you want to be able to contact you, all when your phone is off.

    So when your phone has no battery, PlanBot knows what to do.

    Once you swipe to activate PlanBot, your phone will allow you to use your phone according to your specified Emergency Preferences. 

    This way your loved ones will know you are in need of help.

    The PlanBot phone case has a built in covered button that you press in an emergency.

    By pushing the button, your location is sent to a 911 dispatcher. 

    When help is on the way, the button will light up using solar power, also functioning as a flash light.

    If one of your saved phone numbers calls or texts you, when your phone if off, the button will flash.

    And in case you are hiding, the button can be covered to hide the flash light.

    This way you can call for help and others can contact you even when your phone is completely powered off.

    Tile not only helps you find your misplaced items. 

    With PlanBot, Tile can help others locate you.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold