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About Vocals Needed For Dubstep Track

//above video is a sample of the kind of track that will be used in this project//

Sample of the track you will be working with:

Are you an aspiring or experienced singer/songwriter? Then this is the project for you! I've worked with Rowan on a couple of his projects before, but I've run out of room in my busy life to continue making more songs :( So we're looking for someone who can fill my tiny shoes! 

Notes: I (Maygrace) am running this casting call on my account for convenience and to help a brudda out, but you will be working solely with Rowan if you are cast.
Rowan's music is awesome and falls under the category of; ambient, chillwave, Irish folk, and melodic dubstep.


  • Not an insane amount of time, because of course study and work are a thing, but just enough to be able to work on recording or writing without stressing yourself out.
  • Doesn't have to be professional equipment, just enough to be clear and not create a lot of background static (e.g not a cellphone mic). USB mic preferred.
  • Rowan will need to communicate with you through email, so make sure you're all set to do that.


Pick a song to sing that you think will highlight the strengths of your voice. You pretty much have free reign. But a cute anime OP or death metal scream isn't really going to fit with the kinds of songs you'll be singing in this project anyway, so you might wanna stay away from those kinds of genres :P 

There's a role set up for you to record a sample of any original lyrics you've written, but if you'd rather not do that, then send a typed copy of your lyrics through email to Rowan for him to review. (CCC won't let me add the email to this description, so ask for it over a PM if you're interested)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold