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    About Vocalists needed for ENGLISH Guilty Kiss cover group!

    Hello! I'm kyo, and i'm new to the ccc / voice acting / anime cover community, though i've been singing on my own for quite some time. I've also been meaning to cover the Guilty Kiss songs released so far ( as well as those that will come out in the future ), but realized that they would be very hard to pull off on my own; basically, i'm in need of vocalists to sing for the parts of Yoshiko Tsushima and Mari Ohara, as well as a decent mixer

    First and foremost, I'm not interested in producing an exact replica of the originals- the purpose of this project isn't to impersonate the characters, so please sing with your natural voice!  I don't have a problem with you just happening to sound like them, though. 

    Parts will be cast based off of which voices i feel will blend the best together, as well as singing ability in general. I'm aiming for a high-quality result, and some new friends! Our covers will be posted on youtube, so please be comfortable with that. 

    Additionally, at the moment i don't have any lyrics done, because i feel that it will be more fun to collaborate on them with those casted. However, i am capable of writing the lyrics myself if it comes down to it!

    Rules / Guidelines for auditioning:
    • 1) Please have relatively good audio quality, with as little background noise / static as possible.
    • 2) Please sing clearly and don't mumble / whisper sing in your audition. It won't help either of us if i can't understand what you're saying!
    • 3) The deadline is set for May 22nd, but if i find the perfect fit i'll be casting early.
    • 4) Feel free to sing with or without an off vocal in the background, i don't mind either way.
    • 5) Have an active skype or discord where we can discuss project details!
    • 6) If you have experience with either mixing or animation, please let me know either in the comments of your audition or through private messaging! Additionally, if you audition for mixer and will only take the part if casted as a vocalist, please let me know in the comments.
    • 7) I'll give feedback to anyone who asks for it!
    That's all for now; I look forward to hearing everyone!

    About the Creator: okkyo

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold