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Violet Plays's Previously Completed Works

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    About Village of Freesia (Minecraft Roleplay) Extra's Needed!

    What is this?

    This is a Minecraft roleplay about a Girl named Violet who wakes up in a dimension nothing like hers. Everything is very medieval, but there is a slight difference... This place has...MAGIC? Yes. Magic. Everyone has a special power, even Violet. On her journey to find her way out, discover her special powers, and release the curse put upon the land by the evil king, she makes friends, lovers, and even finds... a relative? She learns the true meaning of happiness, and grows a strong bond with many people of the village. She ventures through thick and thin, good and bad, and danger and peace.


    This will be a long term series if it becomes successful. I will start with about 10 episodes to see if it will work out. I am starting on a new channel, so There won't be a huge audience to start with. If it is successful, I will continue to make episodes. So you have to be prepared to do this roleplay for a while. I also sometimes start to lack motivation, so if it takes a while for  a script, or for me to finish preparing, that is why. Each episode will be 7-15 minutes, if anyone is interested


    -Must have WORKING discord. If that's means you have to install it onto your computer, then that is what you have to do. It is the only way I will contact people, since skype tends to slow down my computer.

    -Have a good quality microphone. This does not mean you need an expensive microphone, just have good volume and no background noise, there will be exceptions for background noise ONLY if it is too little to notice. Other than that, I do NOT want to hear a TV in the background, or a family member talking.

    -Having minecraft is recommended, because I would like to do Mini Games with others :)

    -Be at LEAST 12 years old. I don't want people who aren't going to understand the plot, or who are going to act super immature. If I know you, and I know you can be mature, i might make an exception. Also, I don't want a bunch of squeakers

    -Be active on the discord. Always have discord open, and chat in the discord to let me know you are up to date with activity. If you are inactive, you may get kicked

    unless you have a valid reason

    -Turn in lines on time. I DO NOT want to have episodes out late because somebody didn't turn in lines. you will have a few days to a week to turn them in. If I am really in a rush, you would have the day to turn them in. This most likely won't happen, but If I realize I have been slacking, or haven't posted in a while, I would want an episode out as fast a possible. Once again, would probably not happen. just be ready to record.

    Audition Requirements

    -Put you discord and Discord Number under your audition, not in your audio.

    -Introduce yourself! Tell me who you would like to be called by (it's easier for me to get names right if I know what to call you by), tell me about yourself, etc. just don't make it too long!

    -Have fun! this is not a super professional, have a simple, under 3 minute audition


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold